Kim Won-jun explodes with anger, saying, "I ran away from home due to the stress of raising children."
Kim Won-jun explodes with anger, saying, "I ran away from home due to the stress of raising children."
Kim Won-jun takes his mother-in-law's chance and announces his departure(?) after 'early retirement'.

In the 3rd episode of Channel A's 'Dad is a Flower Middle Age', which airs at 9:30 pm on May 2nd (today), singer Kim Won-jun, the father of two daughters, meets 'Songdo Parenting Comrades' for the first time after completing 'single parenting' and enjoys freedom. The scene of enjoying it unfolds.

Previously, Kim Won-jun appeared to be physically exhausted while single-handedly raising his second daughter, Ye-jin, who is 18 months old. On this day, thanks to his sensible mother-in-law, he goes out alone for a long time and has time to recharge. In particular, he shows off the dignity of the 'original handsome man' by showing off a 'hip' style with headphones and a backpack fully set up. A while later, Kim Won-jun greets two men at a nearby subway station.

These are the ‘Songdo Dads’ who became friends at the daycare center where Kim Won-jun’s eldest daughter attended. Regarding this, Kim Won-jun said, “We’ve been ‘eating’ with each other for a while, but today we met for the first time (by ourselves). “Everyone has something in common: co-parenting with their mother-in-law,” he said, and expressed his excitement at the first meeting of ‘Songdo Daughters’ held in about a year.

Finally, they 'crossed' at Kim Won-jun's favorite LP bar and share 'childcare stories' while drinking cold beer and listening to music. Then, when the question came up, “Don’t we even know each other’s names?” Kim Won-jun said, “I only have ‘So-and-so’s dad’ saved (on my phone). Why do we have to live in the name of our children? “We have a name too!” he said quickly, making people laugh.

Afterwards, he freely confessed the episodes he experienced while co-parenting with his mother-in-law, and Kim Won-jun said, “I was topless with my mother-in-law,” emphasizing that they were comfortable with each other even when they went around wearing only underwear. It's surprising.

Furthermore, Kim Won-jun also self-reveals the story of how he ran away from home due to the 'stress of raising children alone'. He said, “When my wife was assigned to a local area, I took care of raising children alone. Then one time, I got so angry (due to the stress of raising children) that I ran out of the house. “I just wanted you to understand my heart,” he remembers. He continued, “After sulking and having a hard time, I returned home alone. That’s why my nickname is ‘Songdo Salmon’. They say it will come back if you leave it alone... “He added, making him laugh.

The three people, who became closer through 'Childcare Talk', explode with excitement while listening to Kim Won-jun's hit song. Finally, Kim Won-jun said, “I’m going to collapse today! He exclaimed, “The film is going to break!” and showed his talent, proving that he was a born entertainer. MC Kim Gu-ra, who was watching Kim Won-jun's deviation(?), gave a sad look and said, "This is the first time I've seen him so happy."

You can meet him in the 3rd episode of Channel A's 'Dad is a Middle-aged Flower', which airs at 9:30 pm on the 2nd (today).

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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