Ji Hyun-woo♥Im Soo-hyang, secret relationship discovered... Capturing breathtaking skinship
Ji Hyun-woo♥Im Soo-hyang, secret relationship discovered... Capturing breathtaking skinship
Im Soo-hyang and Ji Hyun-woo's fateful narrative is shaking home theaters this weekend.

In the 11th and 12th episodes of KBS 2TV's weekend drama 'Beauty and the Pure Boy' (written by Kim Sa-kyung/directed by Hong Seok-gu and Hong Eun-mi/produced by Rae Mong-rae-in), which aired at 7:55 pm on the 27th (Saturday) and 28th (Sunday), they finally got to know each other. The secret love between Park Do-ra (played by Im Soo-hyang) and Go Pil-seung (played by Ji Hyun-woo), who confirmed their feelings, stimulated the viewers' excitement infinitely.

However, an exciting development unfolded, with Baek Mi-ja (played by Cha Hwa-yeon) discovering the two people. Accordingly, we looked back at the key points of note in the relationship between Dora and Pilseung.

#'Top actor' Park Do-ra and 'drama producer' Go Pil-seung's secret relationship! → The Dora x Pilseung family are intertwined as enemies

Do-ra and Pil-seung began a full-fledged secret relationship amidst a lot of tension, including secretly holding hands at the 'straight-forward romance' party. The two people, who were living ordinary lives, faced the risk of their secret relationship being discovered due to people recognizing Dora, so they spent a happy time enjoying secret dates at a quiet rural traditional market and a quiet camping site with few people. In particular, the 'Guitar Hug' scene, where Pilseung hugs Dora and gives her a sweet guitar performance, made the heart rate of the viewers rise vertically.

However, Dora's and Pilseung's families became enemies due to an incident 15 years ago. 15 years ago, Dora was overjoyed to move into the house of Dae-chung (later Pil-seung), whom she fell in love with at first sight, but did not know that Pil-seung's maternal grandfather Kim Jun-seop (Park Geun-hyung) died of a heart attack after being shocked by Mija's words. I couldn't do it. Pilseung knew that he could not connect with Dora in this difficult reality, but he soon accepted Dora's feelings and only thought about each other. At the end of the 12th episode, Mija found out about Dora and Pilseung's relationship, and an uneasy situation was predicted. Attention is being paid to whether Dora and Pilseung, amidst the tangled conflicts of their families, will be able to overcome these crises with only love.

#Baekmija chased by gambling debt! Is the only solution the Gongjindan son-in-law project?

Dora's mother, Mija, who was addicted to gambling and was in debt, faced pressure from all directions to repay the money, so she secretly collected Dora's 'straight romance' appearance fee and even went to Gong Jin-dan (played by Go Yoon) to borrow a large amount of money. Afterwards, Mija shook Dora's heart with a lie that she had feelings for Jindan, but Jindan found out all the lies and said, "Within a month, change Park Dora's mind and bring her in front of me. I even received a threat saying, “I will bury you so that you disappear from the entertainment industry forever.” Attention is focused on whether Mija can change Dora's heart without Dora finding out about her financial situation.

#'Two Eerie Faces' Gongjindan's love transformed into obsession + anger

Jin Jin, who fell in love with Dora at first sight, went on the offensive in his own way, including investing in her dramas, but when Dora continued to show discomfort, he exploded, showing violent behavior. Even though Dora politely refused, Jin Jin visited her and sought her affection for him, and because he was suspicious of the relationship between Dora and Cha Bong-soo (played by Kang Seong-min), he caused a scene and was embarrassed at the 'straight-forward melodrama' Jjong party. Jin Jin, who blamed all of this on Mija, became angry and threatened Dora about her life in the entertainment industry. Future developments are expected to see how Jin Jin's love, which has gradually degenerated into obsession and anger, will affect Dora.

KBS 2TV's weekend drama 'Beauty and the Pure Man' will air its 13th episode on Saturday the 4th at 7:55 PM.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr
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