Lee Chan-won showed off his senior-like appearance
Lee Chan-won showed off his senior-like appearance
Lee Chan-won showed off his senior charm by promising a Korean beef dinner to his junior Tempest.

Episode 655 of KBS2's 'Immortal Songs', which will air on the 27th, will feature 'Kim Kyung-ho, the God of Rock'.

Tempest reveals the agency's extraordinary promise, saying that they have put their lives on the line to win this 'Immortal Song'. Tempest, who is said to be living in a small accommodation with 6 people, made a surprising statement, saying, "If I win this time, my agency said they will let me move to a larger accommodation." After hearing this, MC Chan-won Lee earnestly cheered for Tempest's victory, saying, "Moving to a dorm? Everyone should abstain," making everyone laugh.

When Tempest said, “Three members can sleep in one room,” Lee Chan-won said, “I want to get a house for myself,” drawing everyone’s attention. MC Kim Jun-hyun did not miss this and encouraged him, saying, “Yes, please do it quickly.” Tempest also graciously says, “Thank you.”

As the cast members in the talk waiting room paid keen attention, Lee Chan-won said, “What did I say?” and added, “Didn’t I say that there was a Korean beef dinner at stake in addition to moving into the dorm? I will shoot the Korean beef dinner,” drawing applause. Lee Chan-won shows off his unique senior charm and says, “If I attend, I will just pass on the cost of the dinner because I will look too oblivious.” Kim Jun-hyun makes people burst into laughter with his terrifying statement, “Then I will attend and bake it for you.”

Tempest reveals another goal in addition to moving into an accommodation and having a Korean beef dinner. Tempest clenched their fists, targeting Yoo Hwe-seung, who holds the title of 'Immortal Song's' last super rookie, saying, "If we beat senior Yoo Hwe-seung, I think we'll be able to claim the super rookie title." Lee Chan-won cheers with all his heart, saying, “If Tempest beats Yoo Hwe-seung, he will become the next ‘immortal’ super rookie.”

Tempest's selection of Kim Kyung-ho's 'NOW' is evaluated as a "perfect selection."

The main character of this episode, Kim Kyung-ho, is a representative Korean rock vocalist with both a powerful voice and cool high notes, and is a legendary singer who is considered a rocker who greatly contributed to the popularization of domestic rock. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of this year, along with many hit songs such as 'People Who Make Me Sad' and 'Forbidden Love', 'Immortal Songs' planned 'Kim Kyung-ho, the God of Rock'.

‘Immortal Songs’ airs every Saturday at 6:05 PM on KBS 2TV.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google