‘It’s a good thing you got a good rest’ Crisis even before the first broadcast
‘It’s a good thing you got a good rest’ Crisis even before the first broadcast
The cast of 'It's a Good Thing to Rest' faces a challenge ahead of their first check-in.

MBC's new entertainment program 'It's a Good Thing to Rest Well' (directed by Myeong-jin Kim, Moon-ki Kim, Jun-beom Lee, Ki-ho Kim / Writer Jeong-hee Kwon / hereinafter 'Good Good Rest'), which will be broadcast for the first time at 9 pm on Monday, April 29th, is about 'Island President' Ahn Jung-hwan's abandoned house on an uninhabited island. It is a '0.5-star desert island check-in reality show' that invites viewers by modifying .

In the first broadcast, CEO Ahn Jung-hwan, workers Boom, Kim Dae-ho, and chef Lee Yeon-bok greet viewers as they check in on a 0.5-star deserted island. Boom, Brian, Yoon Tae-jin, and NCT Doyoung will appear in the studio to add to the fun.

Ahead of the viewers' first uninhabited island check-in, CEO Ahn Jung-hwan is confident, "Although it is a 0.5-star facility with no water or electricity, the chef is a 5-star chef." This reflects his philosophy that “when a guest decides whether to check in, the most important thing is the chef.” To confirm his confidence, Lee Yeon-bok, the best Chinese restaurant in Korea, visits a 0.5-star uninhabited island as a chef.

After the chef arrives, the hotel staff goes to the sea to find ingredients. However, it is said that they had difficulty in supplying food ingredients due to the water not draining due to the wrong tide. At this time, new worker Kim Dae-ho transforms into a ‘meoguri’ (a man who specializes in diving), saying, “Actually, diving is my specialty.”

Kim Dae-ho entered the sea with everyone's expectations on his back. It was difficult to secure visibility due to the murky sea conditions. I wonder what the result of his first 'My Hands Nae Jap' (I will hold it with my hands) was like as he took on the challenge in many difficult situations.

Despite the performance of Kim Dae-ho, the rumor is that there were not enough ingredients for the guests to eat their fill. In a situation where things are not going as planned, Ahn Jung-hwan expresses his nervousness, saying, “I feel like a striker who is losing 1-0 with 3 minutes left in a soccer game.” When CEO Ahn Jung-hwan's crisis management skills were needed, how did he overcome this crisis?

MBC's 'It's a Good Thing to Get a Good Rest' will premiere on Monday, April 29th at 9 PM.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr
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