Kim Ji-eun takes on her first historical drama with 'Check In Hanyang'
Kim Ji-eun takes on her first historical drama with 'Check In Hanyang'
Kim Ji-eun is attempting her first historical drama since her debut.

On the 26th, her agency HB Entertainment announced, "Kim Ji-eun has confirmed her appearance in Channel A's new drama 'Check In Hanyang'."

The drama 'Check In Hanyang', in which Kim Ji-eun was cast as the female protagonist, is a turbulent coming-of-age romance drama that tells the story of Yongcheonru, the largest guest house in Joseon, with the solemn value of 'the customer is king', and the youth of Joseon who joined the company as interns.

Kim Ji-eun takes on the role of Hong Deok-soo, who lives as a woman disguised as a man for some reason. He is the general manager of Yongcheonru and a person with a fierce personality who came here as an educator with the goal of becoming a leader.

Kim Ji-eun, who is about to challenge herself as a cross-dressing woman in her first historical drama, has been attracting attention for her wide-ranging acting skills regardless of genre in numerous works such as 'Black Sun', 'The Thousand-Won Lawyer', and 'Branding Personality Manual'. As he has shown detailed acting that doubles his charm in each work, he plans to visit viewers with a different side in this work as well.

Kim Ji-eun previously announced her casting as Jeong Mo-eum in tvN's new drama 'Mom's Friend's Son'. They are continuously announcing the casting news for ‘Check-in Hanyang’ and are predicting a non-stop, hard-working day.

'Check-in Hanyang', in which Kim Ji-eun appears, has completed casting including Bae In-hyuk, Jeong Geon-ju, and Jae-chan and is about to begin filming.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google