Lee Da-hae apologizes for the rumors with ♥Seven
Lee Da-hae apologizes for the rumors with ♥Seven
Actress Lee Da-hae shared an anecdote from her relationship with her husband, singer Se7en.

On the night of Wednesday the 24th, MBC's 'Radio Star' (planned by Kang Young-sun/directed by Kim Myeong-yeop and Hwang Yoon-sang) will feature a special feature called 'Dreams Control' featuring Lee Da-hae, Bada, Kwon Hyuk-soo, and Jo Kwon. It raises expectations for the wit and performance of controller maniacs in the entertainment industry.

Lee Da-hae, the ‘goddess of the continent’, appears for the first time in ‘Las’. Lee Da-hae was unable to watch Se7en, who appeared in 'Last Time' last year, do a pre-interview, so she had a long interview with the writer of 'Last Post' to find out about Se7en's entertainment content. Then, he revealed that he decided to appear as the main character in 'Las' at the recommendation of the 'Las' writer.
Lee Da-hae apologizes for the rumors with ♥Seven
Lee Da-hae apologizes for the rumors with ♥Seven
Lee Da-hae, whose MBTI is a perfect 'J (planning type)', revealed her daily life in control of her newlywed life. Because Seven likes his friends, it was difficult to prepare for the newlyweds' housewarming party more than 100 times. Lee Da-hae, who paid close attention to everything from flowers to plating to desserts, surprised everyone with her perfect cooking skills, including plating, contrary to people saying she can't cook. Also, it is said that everyone was impressed by the 'Queen of Housewives' class that was designed to revive Seven's spirit.

Lee Da-hae revealed Seven's cuteness in controlling his wife. While everyone was surprised by Seven's wife-handling skills, Kwon Hyuk-soo, who is close to Seven, shook his head and wondered why, saying, "As younger brothers, I feel a little betrayed." . Seven's awkward moments when he met Lee Da-hae's mother for the first time were also revealed, and Kim Gu-ra nodded, saying, "Seven is on top of the mother and daughter's heads."

Lee Da-hae was famous for being an awkward couple with Seven in the early days of their relationship, and recalled that they enjoyed secret dates by looking for overseas travel destinations that were not tourist destinations at the time. The two people, who thought that no one would properly recognize them, enjoyed their date comfortably, but later became afraid when their initials appeared on a program featuring reporters, and other celebrities later became suspicious. Lee Da-hae even apologized, saying, “I’m sorry for borrowing this opportunity,” raising curiosity as to what the story was.

Lee Da-hae, who became a Korean Wave star through the drama 'My Girl', attracted attention as an episode from the time when her popularity was at its peak and the special treatment she received as a continental goddess were revealed. Lee Da-hae, who arrived at the airport to attend an event in Hong Kong, recalled an episode where she had to levitate due to the crowd of fans coming when the escalator was broken, and recalled, “I felt like a superstar.” In addition, it was revealed that among Korean celebrities in China, only Chu Ja-hyun and Lee Da-hae have permission to do so, raising curiosity.

Meanwhile, Lee Da-hae's past as the 'original Kim Go-eun(?)' of the movie 'Breakfast' was revealed, attracting attention. Lee Da-hae made a mark on viewers 20 years ago as the exciting female lead in the drama 'Korean Fairy'. He said he did his best by seeking out shamans for the role. I wonder what the reason is for Lee Da-hae calling writer Lim Seong-han and crying loudly.

Lee Da-hae also drew attention by revealing an episode in which she almost debuted as a member of the girl group Jewelry, saying, “I used to be the main character of a children’s musical choir.” At the time, Lee Da-hae was unable to debut in jewelry due to the adamance of Lee Da-hae's mother, who briefly came from Australia to Korea to meet with a jewelry agency representative.

You can check it out on 'Radio Star', which will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 24th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr
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