Jeongtae Oh “If you make eye contact without brushing your teeth, I’ll kiss you”
Jeongtae Oh “If you make eye contact without brushing your teeth, I’ll kiss you”
Comedian Oh Jeong-tae showed off his loving side to his wife Baek A-young.

The entertainment industry's representative 'Beauty and the Beast' couple, comedian Oh Jeong-tae and his wife Baek A-young, visit <Perfect Life> together. When panelist Lee Seong-mi saw Oh Jeong-tae, the 'Kang Dong-won of the comedy world' who was said to have had extraordinary beauty(?) since childhood, she got angry(?) and laughed, saying, "There is no way there is a Kang Dong-won in the comedy world. We need to explain."

In response, Baek Ah-young said, "Before I got married, I liked actor Kang Dong-won. My husband looked like Kang Dong-won, and he was kind, so I fell in love with him at first sight." Oh Jeong-tae also said, "I have something in common with Kang Dong-won," arousing curiosity. He continued, "I started broadcasting with 'street casting' just like Kang Dong-won," and "I went to MBC to meet a close comedian junior. The manager, who happened to be passing by, was wondering, 'Is there a comedian whose face makes you burst into laughter just by looking at him?' and when he saw my face, he said, ' He shouted, 'I passed!'" and told an anecdote about being casted at once based on his appearance(?), and everyone burst into laughter.

Next, Oh Jeong-tae's daily life after work is told. After returning home late at night, he attracted attention by holding a 'secret midnight snack party'. He carefully entered the room after checking whether his family was asleep and was happy secretly enjoying a can of beer and various instant foods such as cup ramen, hot bar, and Odolbone in his personal space. Baek Ah-young, who confirmed this in the video, was astonished and said, "The lifestyle itself is a mess, and it is a mass of diseases, so it needs to be changed on a large scale."

The next morning, my wife starts her day with ‘Finding Oh Jeong-tae.’ After catching Oh Jeong-tae sleeping soundly on one side of the room, he gradually became angry and made people laugh. Baek A-young angrily sniffed his breath and nagged him to brush his teeth, asking, "Did you eat ramen again?" And when Oh Jeong-tae, who had not brushed his teeth, attempted to kiss her, Baek A-young surprised everyone by smiling brightly.

Lee Seong-mi said, "This couple is really strange. If it were us, we would be like, 'What kind of kiss?', but they smile," and wondered, "Are they still kissing?" In response, Oh Jeong-tae said, "As soon as we make eye contact, we kiss," and that even though they have been married for 15 years, they are still kissing in progress(?), leaving everyone speechless(?). Oh Jeong-tae then added his own tip for escaping nagging, saying, "I kiss my wife to stop her nagging," making the audience laugh.

It can be found on TV CHOSUN <Perfect Life> today (17th) at 8 PM.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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