Actress Goo Hye-sun smiles when asked by Tak Jae-hoon if she is in a relationship.
Actress Goo Hye-sun smiles when asked by Tak Jae-hoon if she is in a relationship.
Broadcaster Tak Jae-hoon asked Ku Hye-sun if she was in a relationship.

In ENA's new original entertainment show 'Hype Boy Scout' (directed by Jeong Eun-ha), which first aired on the 15th, CEO Tak Jae-hoon, director Jang Dong-min, VV Girl's assistant manager Yoo Jeong, and The Boyz employee Sunwoo came together to create the first 'Hype Boy' of 'Unicorn Entertainment'. The site of the ‘audition’ was revealed. In particular, not only did 4MC's 'Tiki Taka' explode with excitement from the first episode, but MZ viewers responded enthusiastically to the 'first president with 2.3 million followers on TikTok' Song Hyeong-seok's ascension to the '1st Hype Boy', garnering attention on TV and SNS. did.

On this day, Jang Dong-min, the 'old-time director', was the first to go to work at Unicorn Entertainment's office and nagged Yu-jeong, who came to work later than him. Jang Dong-min, who exuded 'old-fashioned power' from the beginning, asking, "Do you have time to do full makeup?" also glared at Sunwoo, who was the last to come to work, but 'MZ employee' Sunwoo boldly grabbed CEO Tak Jae-hoon's hand and showed off his energetic MZ style. I said hello. Tak Jae-hoon was momentarily taken aback, but when everyone gathered, he expressed his ambitious ambitions, saying, “We will grow the company by discovering Hype Boy and achieve a market capitalization of 5 trillion won.”

Amidst a grand(?) atmosphere, the HYPEBOY audition finally began. First, candidate number 1 (Jeong Jae-min), who was scouted by Yoo Jeong, appeared. Yujeong introduced himself as “the owner of Bungeobbang, who is famous for looking like BTS’s V on social media,” but the 4MCs who saw his face remained silent and made a salty laugh.

Nevertheless, Candidate No. 1 confidently appealed, saying, “Even people from all over Asia come to see me,” and revealed a rather grandiose rule, saying, “But I have my own rule not to have personal relationships with customers,” making Tak Jae-hoon burst into laughter. Next, 'V Bungeoppang' candidate number 2 (Choi Kwang-hyun) appeared, and Tak Jae-hoon explained, "Candidate number 2 achieved 4.33 million views with a video resembling V." Immediately after, candidates 1 and 2 of 'V Look-Alike' captured the hearts of the 4 MCs by performing the 'Spacing Challenge' and dancing.

Next, ‘Candidate No. 3’ (Heo Seong-beom), the hexagonal human highly praised by Yoo Jeong, appeared, and all 4 MCs exclaimed, “I think you’re the most handsome.” Candidate number 3 introduced himself, saying, “I graduated from KAIST and became a hot topic with a video of a math solution for the college entrance exam, so I have 720,000 followers.” During the audition, candidate number 3 said, “I do American stocks,” and emphasized that even at the young age of 23, he was accumulating his assets with tremendous returns.

Jang Dong-min immediately exploded with greed for money, saying, “You’re cool, bro!” After a while, a 'brain competition' took place between 'KAIST Male' candidate number 3 and 4 MC, and the question 'Is the number of butts only one?' A strange question was asked, ‘Is there two?’ However, Tak Jae-hoon showed a shocking approach, saying, “It was just one thing, but we split up because we didn’t get along, but it went on for a long time, so it’s like that now,” making the scene burst into laughter.

Next, Sunwoo introduced candidates No. 4 (Oh Jae-hyung) and No. 5 (Song Hyeong-seok), who were 'double casted', saying, "They are very hot people among MZ." Candidate No. 5 attracted attention by revealing that he is not only the ‘deer statue’ face, but also “the first president of teenagers with 2.3 million followers on TikTok.” Sunwoo, who was watching the first president dance video of ‘12 Heads’ candidate No. 5, said, “The filming location is “It’s an expensive house, isn’t it?” he said, activating his ‘eagle eyes’. Candidate No. 5 responded, “It’s the vibe of a rich house that MZ wants these days~” and burst out with ‘MZ Jam’.

Meanwhile, candidate number 4 promoted, “We achieved 100 million views with a video resembling Song Kang,” and Sunwoo was angry, saying, “If this is going to happen, why are we filming a music video?” Tak Jae-hoon, who was watching the video of candidate number 4, asked, “If that’s the case, won’t you receive an offer to appear in ‘I’m SOLO’?” At this time, Jang Dong-min revealed, “CEO Tak Jae-hoon wants to leave,” and Tak Jae-hoon bitterly admitted, “I’m...solo,” causing ‘laughter.’

During the exciting talk, 4MC asked Candidate 5 if he could do the same when Candidate 4 showed off his 'leg tearing' skill. Candidate No. 5 gave a four-dimensional answer, saying, “I can do it, but it doesn’t break,” leaving the 4 MCs dizzy. On the other hand, Candidate No. 5 released a popular video that BTS Jungkook 'liked' and actually showed the dance, drawing an enthusiastic response.

Afterwards, 4MC unanimously selected candidate number 5, Song Hyeong-seok, as the '1st Hide Boy'. While expectations for the future of 'Unicorn Entertainment' have soared with the recruitment of the hottest HYPE boy, actress Ku Hye-sun makes a surprise appearance as the 'original HYPE girl' in the trailer that follows. Also, to Ku Hye-sun, “Are you in a relationship right now? Tak Jae-hoon's barrage of questions, "Are you planning on dating?" was captured, raising curiosity about the second broadcast.

ENA's 'Hype Boy Scout' airs every Monday at 8:30 pm.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
translated by google