Eunbi Kwon suddenly became a student
Eunbi Kwon suddenly became a student
While ENA's new original entertainment show 'When I Open My Eyes OOO' has confirmed its first broadcast on May 9th at 9 PM, a teaser preview containing the vivid inner feelings of Eunbi Kwon, who woke up and became a Taipei arts high school student, was released.

'When I Open My Eyes OOO', which advocates the realization of the Nth life multiverse life, is a story of the real daily survival of stars who suddenly found themselves living the life of OOO one day. It is a multiverse life entertainment that will fill someone's 'romance', give someone else a 'mental breakdown', and provide an opportunity to look back on their daily lives. Producer Ahn Je-min, who created a new wave of challenging comedy through 'Comedy Big League', collaborates with writer Kim Jeong-seon of 'The Great Escape' to attempt a meeting of webtoon-style imagination and entertainment. Comedian Jo Se-ho and singer Lee Chang-seop served as the main MCs. Among these, on the 12th, 'When I Opened My Eyes OOO' confirmed its first broadcast at 9 PM on May 9, and presented the first teaser video featuring Kwon Eun-bi, the first guest to join Nth Life.

The released teaser video begins with a panoramic view of Taipei, Taiwan, which exudes an exotic atmosphere. Like a scene from a fantasy webtoon, the camera angle, drawn into the building, focuses on a female student sleeping face down in the middle of the classroom. The identity of the female student who soon woke up was Kwon Eun-bi, nicknamed the ‘Water Bomb Goddess.’ He said, “I closed my eyes after performing, but when I opened them, I was a student,” and was confused by the situation that suddenly happened to him. Accordingly, interest is rising in the story of Kwon Eun-bi, who was thrown into a new life overnight.

Kwon Eun-bi's realistic local daily life was also captured. The video, which was filmed like a fresh vlog of high school girls, shows Eunbi Kwon enjoying a happy school life. The way she gets along with her peers without any sense of heterogeneity is enough to give the illusion that she is not an ‘idol Kwon Eun-bi’ but rather a ‘Taipei arts high school student Kwon Eun-bi’. Also, Kwon Eun-bi receives a surprise confession from a male student, and she says, "It's like something out of a drama. It's like being the main character. This happens to me too. I'm a little excited."

As a result, curiosity is rising about what will happen to Kwon Eun-bi, who will live a life that is 180 degrees different from the life of an idol up to now, while the multiverse worldview of 'When I Open My Eyes OOO' predicts fresh fun by crossing time, space, and dimensions. Expectations are growing.

The Nth Life Login 'When I Open My Eyes OOO' will be broadcast for the first time on ENA at 9 pm on May 9th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google