EXO Suho is shocked by Jeon Hyun-moo
EXO Suho is shocked by Jeon Hyun-moo
While Jeon Hyun-moo emits a spicy tip, EXO Suho shakes his head.

In the 9th episode of MBN's 'Jeon Hyun-moo Plan', a real street documentary aired on the 12th, actors Su-ho and Hong Ye-ji, the two main characters of MBN's new weekend mini-series 'The Crown Prince Disappeared', will appear as guests. On this day, a real mukbang of Jeon Hyun-moo, who exploded with excitement, will be held at a restaurant in Sokcho, Gangwon-do, which Suho personally found.

While enjoying seasonal vegetable pancakes and makgeolli with Kwak Tube (Kwak Jun-bin) at the Yangyang 5-day market, Jeon Hyun-moo receives a call from Su-ho, a close fan of the 'Jeon Hyun-moo Plan' and his close younger brother. Suho confidently says, “We are waiting for you at a good restaurant in Sokcho, so come here.” The two immediately move to Sokcho and meet Suho and Hong Ye-ji at a local restaurant. In particular, Hong Ye-ji confessed her fandom for Kwak Tube, saying, "I am a subscriber to the YouTube channel, and I even set an alarm to watch it. It's cool when you speak Russian," making the atmosphere cheerful.

Afterwards, the four people order the restaurant's secret weapon, doljjajang (black bean paste stir-fried on a stone plate), as well as jjambbong and sweet and sour pork, and then start eating. When the topic of sweet and sour pork with dipping VS spicy pork came up, Hong Ye-ji said, "I don't eat it with sauce at all." In response, Kwak Tube asks a sharp question, "Then why do you eat sweet and sour pork? Why do you eat karaage?" When Hong Ye-ji was momentarily embarrassed, Jeon Hyun-moo pointed out, "As of today, (Kwak Tube's YouTube) subscription is canceled?", making everyone burst into laughter.

Suho is also impressed by the hot stone jjajang. Jeon Hyun-moo asks, “Do you really like Jjajangmyeon?” Suho laughs, saying, “Jjajangmyeon is in my top 3 favorite foods.” He then said, "I ate a lot when I was a trainee, but after debuting (as EXO), I went on a diet, so I didn't eat noodles much. Today, I wanted to eat under the pretense of broadcasting," and then started a eating show. Not to be outdone, Jeon Hyun-moo also finished the Jjajangmyeon to some extent and gave a spicy tip, saying, "Koreans have to mix things up. They put spicy things on top of spicy things." After pouring rice into jjajang sauce, add unexpected foods to make spicy jjajang fried rice. Suho, who saw this, was shocked and said, “That too?” and couldn’t keep his mouth shut, saying, “Isn’t it being mosaiced?”

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google