Park Ha-sun is satisfied with Ryu Soo-young's appearance even after fighting
Park Ha-sun is satisfied with Ryu Soo-young's appearance even after fighting
Park Ha-sun, Kim Sae-rom, and Seo Dong-ju pour out reactions ranging from laughter to tears to the stories of couples on the verge of divorce.

In JTBC's 'Divorce Consideration Camp - Refresh' (hereinafter referred to as Refresh), which airs on the 11th, the hidden stories and hidden inner thoughts of couples who visited the divorce consideration camp will be revealed. A couple revealed that they filed for divorce three times during their three-year marriage. Still, it raised questions as to why the divorce was withdrawn.

The wife attracted attention by revealing that the reason was none other than 'because my husband is handsome.' Park Ha-sun strongly sympathized with this and said, "We were fighting and then sleeping, and my husband's nose when he was sleeping was so pretty," and made people laugh by revealing an experience of being relieved of anger thanks to Ryu Soo-young's appearance. When Park Ha-sun said, "I've never lived with someone who wasn't good-looking," the MCs all expressed their envy by saying, "It's the leisure of a well-fed person."

In addition, the Divorce Contemplation Camp offers 'drama psychotherapy' in which couples express and heal their physical and mental problems through role-playing to help couples honestly express their concerns and personal circumstances. In particular, the husband, who displayed verbal abuse and violent behavior when drinking, revealed during psychotherapy that the reason he fell into alcohol was because of his deceased mother, and showed a sincere commitment to treatment by tearfully promising to abstain from drinking to the actor playing the role of his mother. do. It is said that the studio was in tears at the sight of the husband sincerely trying to change.

The husband, who refused to pay child support, saying, "The duty of raising children does not lie only with the husband," revealed that the reason was his wife's addiction, and the MCs, who had guessed various causes such as 'pseudo-religion' and 'house gambling', revealed the real reason. He said he couldn't speak because he was so embarrassed. It stimulates curiosity about what the story of this couple is.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google