Lee Moo-saeng caught having an affair with Lee Cheong-ah
Lee Moo-saeng caught having an affair with Lee Cheong-ah
Lee Bo-young is shocked by the affair between her husband Lee Moo-saeng and Lee Cheong-ah.

JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama - Coupang Play series 'Hyde' (directed by Kim Dong-hwi, written by Lee Hee-soo, Choi Ah-yul, Hwang Yu-jeong, produced by SLL·CJ ENM STUDIOS·DK E&M) features a husband's disappearance from episode 1 to 6, fake death, unexpected villain, Unpredictable developments, such as a shocking affair, are constantly coming out. In particular, the ending of each episode provides the charm of a twist, and it is becoming a famous 'ending restaurant'.

#One. “..You’re alive?” Survival Ending

It was unusual from the beginning. The sudden disappearance of Cha Seong-jae (Lee Moo-saeng), news of his subsequent deaths, and shooting incidents were swirling like a storm. Na Moon-young (Lee Bo-young) showed her firm faith in Cha Sung-jae, saying, “He is not the type of person to commit suicide,” and finally in episode 3, she revealed the truth about Cha Sung-jae and her mother-in-law colluding to fake her death by swapping DNA. Na Moon-young faces Cha Seong-jae again, who fooled her. Na Moon-young's voice and eyes, mixed with complex emotions such as relief, despair, and anger, seemed to predict the difficulties ahead.

#2. ‘Villain = Lee Cheong-ah’ twist ending

Cha Seong-jae's faked death was just an appetizer. In episode 4, Ha Yeon-joo's (Lee Cheong-ah) true identity was revealed to the surface. After arresting Ma Gang (Hong Seo-jun) for murder, the peace Na Moon-young welcomed did not last long. Ha Yeon-ju, who met at a tea party, handed over a photo of Cha Sung-jae and revealed that she was the power behind it with her usual friendly neighborly tone and smile. The appearance of a new villain who is not flashy but terrifying. Moreover, the true identity of Ha Yeon-ju, whom Na Moon-young trusted enough to entrust her daughter (Cho Eun-sol) to her, once again fell into great confusion.

#3. 'Is Lee Moosaeng a murderer?' Trust shattering ending

The twist continued in episode 5. Thanks to Na Moon-young, who became Ha Yeon-joo's puppet, Cha Seong-jae returned safely to his family, but it wasn't over until it was over. Ha Yeon-ju sent a video to Na Moon-young showing Cha Sung-jae assaulting Hwang Tae-soo (So Yun-ho) and forcing him to drink something. A shocking situation in which even the mother-in-law (Nam Ki-ae) was involved. “Mr. Na Moon-young. Ha Yeon-joo's voice, asking, "How does it feel to be a murderer's wife?" reminded Moon-young Na that the harmonious family she had tried so hard to protect was all an illusion. Behind the mask filled with lies, there was only betrayal and great confusion.

#4. 'Husband's affair intuition' Fast and Furious ending

In episode 6, the internal relationship between Cha Sung-jae and Ha Yeon-joo was revealed, putting emphasis on shock. At the villa she arrived at after chasing Ha Yeon-ju, Na Moon-young faced a terrible truth. “Cha Seong-jae, that bastard’s eyes are rolling back now, I don’t see you as a child and wife.” Just like the words Ma-gang left to Do Jin-woo (Lee Min-jae), the husband who was a caring and affectionate father and first love was nowhere to be seen. Na Moon-young, who was trembling with anger and betrayal while watching Cha Sung-jae and Ha Yeon-joo's love affair, eventually rushed towards the two, smashing the glass of her car. Expectations and tensions rise as to where the shattered glass shards will fly and where the relationship between the three people will go.

JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama - Coupang Play series 'Hyde' is broadcast on JTBC every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 p.m. It will be pre-released on Coupang Play at 10 p.m.

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