Kim Seon-ho is serious about returning... 7KG increase → Clear up to 3 menus
Kim Seon-ho is serious about returning... 7KG increase → Clear up to 3 menus
Kim Seon-ho soaks up his ‘food trip’ in Thailand as a ‘handsome guy’ with even his ‘tongue’.

In the 3rd episode of E Channel/SBS Plus' 'Eat and Watch Brothers 2' (hereinafter referred to as 'Glutton Brothers 2'), which airs at 8:30 pm on the 8th (today), the 'Three Glutton Brothers' Kim Jun-hyun, Moon Se-yoon and Kim Seon-ho, who left for Thailand, are at an all-time level. It is revealed that they stop by a local restaurant with a large menu and engage in a 'saliva-stimulating' mukbang.

On this day, the three people spend meaningful time at 'Elephant Nature Park' and then board an 'all-day taxi' to go to the next location. But Moon Se-yoon suddenly said, “I’m craving kimchi-rolled noodles.” “I’m hungry,” he said, turning on the ‘fat guy’ mode. Kim Jun-hyun also chimed in, “Yes!” and asked the taxi driver, “Do you know of any restaurants nearby?” In the end, the three make a quick stop at a restaurant recommended by the taxi driver. The production crew, who belatedly recognized this, turned on the camera in a panic, creating a 'big party'.

While the ‘Three Glutton Brothers’ extraordinary eating skills won the broadcast filming, the three people, who entered the rest area full of energy, repeatedly said “Wow” to the numerous menu items written on the menu. Immediately after, Kim Seon-ho neatly orders a total of 6 dishes, including 3 from his own menu, exuding his 'gorgian beauty'.

When the menus from the rest area that the taxi driver 'highly recommended' are finally served, Kim Seon-ho follows along with his brothers and sings the 'eating song', and instantly recognizes the ingredients that even his brothers couldn't guess, and activates the 'Jin' food knowledge mode. In response, Kim Jun-hyun, ‘Korea’s representative glutton’, praises Kim Seon-ho’s sense of taste, saying, “Wow, you have a cool tongue!”

After finishing the 'Rest Area Sudden Mukbang', the three people then head to a local market in Thailand. However, local fans who recognized Kim Seon-ho greeted him warmly, saying “Hello~” in Korean, making him truly feel the majesty of ‘Thai Prince’ Kim Seon-ho. Kim Seon-ho, who responded to his fans with a bright smile, said as the panoramic view of the Thai market unfolded, “It’s cool!” “I have to come to a place like this,” he says, showing off his ‘travel jam.’ Meanwhile, Kim Jun-hyun was eating something on the street in a Thai market, and Moon Se-yoon, who saw this, said, “Ugh! by hand! He reacts violently, saying, “It smells like X.”

It can be seen in episode 3 of ‘Brothers Who Eat and Watch 2’ on E Channel and SBS Plus, which airs at 8:30 pm on the 8th (today).

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
translated by google