Kim Soo-hyun divorced Kim Ji-won, but fate
Kim Soo-hyun divorced Kim Ji-won, but fate
Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won were destined to love each other.

In the 9th episode of tvN's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Queen of Tears', which aired on the 6th, Baek Hyun-woo (played by Kim Soo-hyun) and Hong Hae-in (played by Kim Ji-won) continued to worry about each other and showed unchanging affection even after their divorce. As it was revealed that their relationship had been going on for a very long time, the hearts of viewers were touched.

The 9th episode viewer rating of 'Queen of Tears' recorded an average of 17.2% and a peak of 19.4% for households in the metropolitan area, and an average of 15.6% and a peak of 17.2% for households nationwide. It ranked first in the same time slot on all channels, including terrestrial channels, both in the metropolitan area and nationwide.

In addition, tvN's target audience rating for men and women in their 20s and 49s recorded an average of 7% and a maximum of 7.8% in the metropolitan area, and 7.4% and a maximum of 8.1% nationwide. Not only did it break its own highest viewership ratings both in the metropolitan area and nationwide, but it also swept first place in the same time slot on all channels, including terrestrial channels (based on paid platforms integrating cable, IPTV, and satellite / provided by Nielsen Korea).

On this day, Hong Hae-in realized that the MP3 player with the letter H in Baek Hyun-woo's room was something he had lost in the past, and felt both curious and excited. In particular, when Hong Hae-in realized that Baek Hyun-woo was the boy who gave her a bandage when she fell in high school, it became clear that their relationship was fate. Hong Hae-in, whose self-esteem increased, asked Baek Hyun-woo about the owner of the MP3, hoping that Baek Hyun-woo might also remember him.

However, Baek Hyun-woo did not yet realize that Hong Hae-in was that girl at that time. Hong Hae-in answered that he couldn't remember because he was afraid he would be jealous of his first love. Hong Hae-in, who was filled with strange disappointment after hearing Baek Hyun-woo's words, lost his temper and the cute misunderstanding between the two made them smile.

Red Sea Man's condition continued to worsen. Baek Hyun-woo, who had been watching Hong Hae-in's bed before going to work, returned home in a hurry upon hearing the news that his wife had collapsed. While collecting evidence to take revenge on Yoon Eun-seong (played by Park Seong-hoon) and Mo Seul-hee (played by Lee Mi-sook) who brought down the Queens Group, he tried to keep it a secret for his wife's safety.

Hong Hae-in was also always worried about Baek Hyun-woo, who suffered all kinds of humiliation because of her, so she decided that she had to become stronger in order to break up with him comfortably. Hong Hae-in, whose goal is to enable Baek Hyun-woo to leave his side without worrying, and Baek Hyun-woo, who said he would help him achieve this, pursed their lips as if they had something to say, but were unable to say anything, which was disappointing.

While Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in maintained a strange distance, the Queens family who fell into Yongduri's country adapted to the countryside with Baek Hyun-woo's help. Hong Hae-in's mother, Kim Seon-hwa (played by Na Young-hee), who went through the ceremony by stepping on cow dung, Hong Beom-jun (played by Jeong Jin-young), who clearly feels the weight of being the head of the family, and Hong Soo-cheol (played by Kwak Dong-yeon), who is shocked that his wife has disappeared, mingle with the Yongdu-ri family. The sight of losing made viewers laugh.

The relationship between Yoon Eun-seong and Mos Seul-hee, who had pushed out the Queens family and took over Queenstown, was becoming increasingly strained. Yoon Eun-seong declared that he would bring back Hong Hae-in, his unrequited love, and stole her weak point, Hong Man-dae (played by Kim Gap-su), to subdue Mo Seul-hee. He even came to Yongdu-ri himself when he heard that Hong Hae-in was sick. Hong Hae-in, embarrassed by the appearance of an unexpected person, froze on the spot, and as Yoon Eun-seong got closer and closer to her, the tension increased. At the same time, Baek Hyun-woo was also fighting with a real estate agent who was in the same league as Yoon Eun-seong, which added to the anxiety.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google