Oh Ji-ho, a married man, said that a trip with men is 'heaven'
Oh Ji-ho, a married man, said that a trip with men is 'heaven'
Actor Oh Ji-ho stimulated curiosity by revealing that he introduced his hometown as 'Paris, Jeolla-do'.

Episode 103 of Channel S's online travel entertainment show 'Map to Go Back' will be aired on the 4th. This day's broadcast will feature a special feature called 'Global Village Artisan Battle'. It not only captures the charm of beautiful travel destinations, but also unique courses that take you to world-famous craftsmen from each country. Kim Shin-young traveled to Japan with proxy traveler Woongjin Goway under the theme of ‘Master of a Thousand Years of Traditional Food,’ Lee Seok-hoon traveled to Italy with Yeon-guk under the theme of ‘The Magic of Opening the Wallet,’ and finally, Choi Tae-seong traveled with Hee-jae to ‘The One and Only in the World.’ We recommend Austria for the theme of ‘OO’.

Actor Oh Ji-ho appears as the travel friend who will judge the winner of 'Global Village Craftsman Battle'. Oh Ji-ho caught the attention of MCs with his tall visuals. Lee Seok-hoon envied Oh Ji-ho's unique eye smile and dimples, saying, "The more I look at her, the more I admire her visuals."

However, Oh Ji-ho expressed unexpected difficulties surrounding his appearance. Oh Ji-ho confessed, "I'm from Mokpo, but I've been misunderstood so many times that I'm a foreigner, so I just go around saying I'm from Paris, Jeolla-do," making everyone around him laugh. In response, Kim Shin-young made more laughter by advising, "It would be better to be the 'Venice of Jeolla-do'," citing the fact that Mokpo is a "symbol of the archipelago."

It is said that Oh Ji-ho made the atmosphere of the online trip more pleasant with his humane remarks, which were quite different from the visuals of the statue. On this day, Oh Ji-ho shared his experience traveling abroad, saying, "About 7 years after the coronavirus, I went on a trip to Hawaii with my best friends Woo Ji-won, Hong Seong-heun, Lee Jeong-jin, and Joo Young-hoon." He then added, “Any overseas trip with five men is heaven,” drawing a round of applause from the married men.

‘Map to Go Back’ airs every Thursday at 8 PM and can also be watched on Netflix.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google