Choi Min-soo confessed his guilt, "My mother-in-law left Kang Joo-eun and her health deteriorated."
Choi Min-soo confessed his guilt, "My mother-in-law left Kang Joo-eun and her health deteriorated."
Jin, Sun, Mi, Jeong Seo-ju, Bae Hyun, and Oh Yu-jin of 'Miss Trot 3' made their first entertainment debut through 'Dad and Me'. Choi Min-soo and Kang Joo-eun prepared a surprise 55th anniversary 'Remind Wedding' for Mom & Dad. 'National actor' Kang Bu-ja visited Baek Il-seop's daughter Baek Ji-eun's store and talked to Baek Il-seop's family.

Jin, Sun, Mi Seong-ju, Bae Hyun, and Oh Yu-jin from 'Miss Trot 3' appeared on TV CHOSUN's 'Daddy and Me' broadcast on the 3rd. Baek Il-seop, who was a regular listener of ‘Miss Trot 3’, greeted the three people with cheers and hospitality, saying, “Wow! I’m going crazy.” Lee Seung-yeon also raised his hand and appealed that he was a true fan, saying, "I always watched the show from the first episode to the last time my name was called." Jin, Sun, and Mi of 'Miss Trot 3' reenacted hot moments and filled the studio with songs and happy energy. The story of Oh Yu-jin's love for her grandmother and Bae Hyun's blunt father calling his daughter 'princess' was heartwarming. On this day, the viewership rating was 4.7% (Nielsen Korea, national standard), ranking first among all comprehensive programs, and the highest viewership rating was 5.4% (Nielsen Korea, nationwide standard).

Kang Joo-eun visited a cafe with a nice atmosphere with Choi Min-soo for a strategy meeting for the 'Mommy & Daddy Remind Wedding' to celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary. The two decided to carry out a surprise operation as a family in Mommy's style hanok. Kang Joo-eun, who was talking, said, "We went on our honeymoon with Mom and Dad, too," and expressed her gratitude to Choi Min-soo, who readily suggested that they go together out of consideration for her parents who live far away and who did not know when they would meet again.

Choi Min-soo, who was talking about the special relationship between the four, said, "Mami's health has been deteriorating since Joo-eun left 30 years ago. Because she does not have a daughter who was like a friend, (Mami) has become sick in her mind and body." She added, "There is an enormous sense of guilt. “There is,” Kang Joo-eun revealed her true feelings about Mami’s deteriorating health. He then said, "Handing over my daughter, who is more precious than my heart, to a stranger cannot even be expressed in words as a miracle," and revealed his gratitude to his father-in-law and the reason he actively promoted the union.

Next, the four people dressed in suits raised the topic of Choi Min-soo's suit, which is precious and can only be seen once or twice a year. Kang Joo-eun devastated the studio with a fiery remark, "I was wondering why (Choi Min-soo's suit) made me feel uneasy. If you think about it, he only wears it when he goes to court." In response, son-in-law Choi Min-soo and Mami, who are 'soul best friends', made everyone laugh by confessing their true feelings, saying, "I wish I could wear a suit even if I go to the court every day."

The story of how Daddy, who lived in Canada, had his movie-like first meeting with Mami during his stay in Korea for just one month was revealed, giving a heart-warming experience. Jeon Hyun-moo also joked, "My mother almost married someone from a rich family, but she seemed less pure. She met a man who had less money but was pure," and added, "She regrets it so much now."

As we passed the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, filled with memories of Choi Min-soo and Kang Joo-eun, the story of their fateful meeting was recalled again. The story of Kang Joo-eun, who participated in the Miss Korea pageant at Mami's request, and Choi Min-soo, who accepted participation in the event that he had refused so much and wandered around the parking lot to see Kang Joo-eun, aroused excitement. Choi Min-soo recalled that time, "I sang a song and thought, 'Ah, if I leave quickly, I can meet him.' I thought I should check the cars leaving the parking lot and have a relationship." However, Kang Joo-eun, who misheard 'relationship' as 'this bitch', got angry and burst into laughter.

Eventually, when they arrived at the Hanok Remind Wedding venue, which was beautiful and quiet enough to suit Mami's taste, Mami exclaimed with admiration, saying, "I wish we could build a house like this." Upon entering the hanok, the interior was like a field of white flowers, and Choi Min-soo and Kang Joo-eun created a special moment by gifting hanbok to Mom and Dad who noticed the 'remind wedding'. Because they got married in Canada, the sight of Dad wearing a light blue hanbok for the first time since his first birthday, and Mom wearing a pink hanbok beautifully drew everyone's admiration. Kang Joo-eun expressed her overwhelming feelings, saying, “I am so thankful that I can see the two people dressed so beautifully, and that this moment is possible.”
Choi Min-soo confessed his guilt, "My mother-in-law left Kang Joo-eun and her health deteriorated."
Choi Min-soo confessed his guilt, "My mother-in-law left Kang Joo-eun and her health deteriorated."
Great actor Kang Bu-ja, a 'big listener' of 'Dad and Me' and Baek Il-seop's best friend, visited Baek Il-seop's daughter, Baek Ji-eun. Rich man Kang, who visited Baek Ji-eun's store, brought her a bunch of gifts, including a scarf and salted clams, and expressed his affection for her. Baek Ji-eun also prepared a cute rice cake for Kang Rich, giving him a warm feeling. Kang Bu-ja confessed his relationship with Baek Ji-eun's mother when he was a virgin, saying, "I look a lot like my mother," and expressed his worries about his mother being alone. Baek Ji-eun expressed her sincerity, saying, "I was very happy when my mother told me that I was very pretty at that time. I thought it would be good for my mother to know that she remembered me fondly when she was young."

Kang Bu-ja, a 'steamed lover' who was faced with the 'offal noodles' he had been looking forward to, repeatedly praised it, saying, "It's delicious." Next, after watching the broadcast, Kang father-son revealed that he first asked Baek Il-seop for his phone number and called Baek Ji-eun to say hello, creating a heartwarming story. Soon, when the son-in-law and grandchildren who bought flowers for Kang Bu-ja came to the store, Kang Rich-ja, seeing Sia, who was 'a stickler for installment payments', greeted them warmly, saying, "How can you be so much like Kang Rich?" Rich man Kang gave compliments and well-wishes to the children one by one, and even gave them pocket money, showing the warmth of a grandmother. In response, Jeon Hyun-moo expressed his admiration with a hint of humor, saying, “It seems like more people watch our program than Teacher Baek Il-seop.”

Next, Baek Il-seop and Kang Bu-ja, who have been friends for 60 years, met. Kang Rich-ja started nagging Baek Il-seop, saying, “Why have you lived away from a daughter like this for so long?” In the end, he made a special request to Baek Il-seop's son-in-law to try to help his father return home. However, when Baek Il-seop expressed his refusal, Kang Bu-ja scolded him, saying, "It was because of you that I first got married" and "You left a bruise in someone's heart..." In response, Baek Ji-eun interceded, saying, "I will take good care of both of you. I hope Mom and Dad are safe." In the subsequent interview, he expressed his sincerity and consideration, saying, "I don't want my dad to be in trouble. I don't want him to hear bad things, and I want to protect him."

Baek Il-seop's son-in-law, Kim Soo-chan, expressed his position on the misunderstanding he has been receiving since making his immigration plans public. “My father has supported everything so far, but now there is a misunderstanding that he is asking me to even pay for my children’s education abroad,” he said. “My wife is very independent, so I have no intention of receiving support from my father.” “Actually, my wife and I have never once relied on our parents since we got married,” he said, adding, “I’m rather worried about how to better take care of my father when he gets older.” He then moved people by making an unexpected confession, saying, "If my wife immigrates with the children, I am even thinking of living with my father."

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google