Kim Yong-myeong, Kim Won-hoon, and Jo Jin-se make cameo appearances in ‘The Crown Prince Has Disappeared’
Kim Yong-myeong, Kim Won-hoon, and Jo Jin-se make cameo appearances in ‘The Crown Prince Has Disappeared’
“Korea’s best ‘popular comedians’ have appeared in Joseon!”

Comedians Kim Yong-myeong, Kim Won-hoon, and Jo Jin-se announced their special appearances from the first episode of MBN's 'The Crown Prince Disappeared'.

MBN's new weekend mini-series 'The Crown Prince Disappeared' (written by Kim Ji-soo and Park Cheol/directed by Kim Jin-man/production studio Jidam, Chorokbaem Media, Superbook Co., Ltd.), scheduled to air for the first time at 9:40 p.m. on Saturday, April 13, is about the crown prince. It is a 'Chosun version of a romantic comedy drama' that takes place as a woman is bossed around by the woman who will become the Crown Princess.

Writers Kim Ji-soo and Park Cheol, who made 'Bossam - Steal Fate' a box-office success with their immersive writing skills in 'The Crown Prince Has Disappeared', have reunited, and are in the spotlight for their heart-touching directing of 'Golden Time' and 'Kill Me, Heal Me'. Director Kim Jin-man is joining the team, raising expectations. In addition, Suho, Hong Ye-ji, Myung Se-bin, Kim Joo-heon, and Kim Min-gyu have announced their appearances, receiving great attention from fans and viewers at home and abroad.

In relation to this, in the first episode of 'The Crown Prince Disappeared', which will be aired on the 13th (Saturday), Kim Yong-myeong, who is active in everything from channel broadcasts to YouTube, Kim Won-hoon, who opened a new horizon for web content with 'Short Box', and Cho Jin-se will make special appearances. Add firepower. Kim Yong-myeong is the leader of the 'absolutely powerful man in this area', Kim Won-hoon is a storyteller who dominates the streets, and Cho Jin-se is the leader of a charismatic rebel group who draws the big picture behind Kim Won-hoon, giving the '3 people, 3 colors' personality full of laughter.

First, Kim Yong-myeong, like the leader of a gang, scares people with his scary expression and makes them feel uneasy. In particular, Kim Yong-myung predicted a bloody close match against Choi Myung-yoon (Hong Ye-ji), and his face with a bleeding nose was captured, raising curiosity. Kim Won-hoon appears as a popular writer (a person who reads storybooks).

Kim Won-hoon is an electrician who captivated even Crown Prince Lee Geon (Suho) and Prince Doseong (Kim Min-gyu), and he exudes the aspect of a 'professional reader' who can read and write about everything in the world. Lastly, Jo Jin-se appears with flashy clothes, a serious expression, and unapproachable eyes, creating a strong tension in the play as the leader of the rebel army. It raises curiosity about what kind of story Kim Yong-myeong, Kim Won-hoon, and Jo Jin-se will tell with their humorous acting.

Meanwhile, Kim Yong-myeong, Kim Won-hoon, and Cho Jin-se exploded with lively ad-libs throughout filming, drawing enthusiastic responses from the scene. Kim Yong-myeong exuded joy by making contradictory body gags with his heavy expression, while Kim Won-hoon spread powerful laughter with his natural facial expressions and realistic acting. Jo Jin-se gave a powerful dramatic performance, but instead, he caused a lot of laughter and laughter, giving a twist.

Studio Jidam, the production company, said, “We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Kim Yong-myeong, Kim Won-hoon, and Cho Jin-se, who not only readily accepted the offer to make special appearances, but also showed passionate acting,” adding, “Se who added vitality and enjoyment to every part of the work with their witty energy and natural acting.” “You can see Sara’s performance in episode 1 of ‘The Crown Prince Has Disappeared.’”

Meanwhile, MBN's new weekend mini-series 'The Crown Prince Disappeared' will premiere at 9:40 pm on Saturday, April 13.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google