Kim Dong-wan, sweet first night with Seo Yoon-ah
Kim Dong-wan, sweet first night with Seo Yoon-ah
Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah go on a 2-day, 1-night trip for the first time.

In the 109th episode of Channel A's 'Men's Life These Days - Groom's Class (hereinafter referred to as Groom's Class)', which will be broadcast on April 3, Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah appear at Seoul Station in matching couple looks and matching carriers, exciting the studio mentors.

Kim Dong-wan, who arrived at Seoul Station first that day, looked at Seo Yoon-ah's suitcase when she appeared, saying, "You brought your luggage simply." Seo Yoon-ah smiles shyly, saying, “Aren’t we going for 2 days and 1 night?” Upon hearing the news of the couple's first trip, the studio mentors let out a collective cheer and excitedly asked, "Can we see us traveling for 2 days and 1 night?"

Soon, the first night of the dreamlike trip of the couple Donga (Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah) is revealed. The sweetness goes beyond the limit as the two people wear matching pajamas and sit on the bed in the room and talk sweetly. The mentor army who watched this became overly engrossed, saying, “Let’s quickly skip into the night.”

While the studio was heating up, Seo Yoon-ah, who got on the train, looked at Kim Dong-wan's hand and said, "Oppa, did you lose your ring? Open your hand." Seo Yoon-ah, who was embarrassed by Kim Dong-wan's empty hands, said, "I came with it." Kim Dong-wan comes up with his own explanation, and Shim Hyung-tak gets angry vicariously, saying, "This isn't right, it's betrayal! You have to wear that even when taking a shower," causing the studio to burst into laughter.

Finally, the train leaves, and Kim Dong-wan falls asleep next to Seo Yoon-ah. In response, Han Go-eun asks Kim Dong-wan, “Didn’t you say you have insomnia?” Kim Dong-wan, who monitored himself in the studio, revealed his lover's side, saying, "Strangely enough, after meeting Yoona, my insomnia got better." Han Go-eun also sympathizes with Kim Dong-wan's words, saying, "I also had severe insomnia, but after meeting my husband, I started sleeping very well. My husband said, 'When will we ever see the legendary insomnia that Han Go-eun has?'"

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google