Park Shin-yang, the story of becoming a national actor and becoming angry
Park Shin-yang, the story of becoming a national actor and becoming angry
Actress Park Shin-yang tells us why she turned into a painter.

Channel A's 'Best Friend Tocumentary - Table for 4' (hereinafter referred to as 'Table for 4'), which airs at 8:10 pm today (1st), features numerous masterpieces such as 'Lovers in Paris' and 'The War of Zhen'. Park Shin-yang, who went from being a 'national actor' to becoming a painter, appears as the main character.

Park Shin-yang invites her close friends to her studio, where she works tirelessly every day, and to the exhibition hall where about 130 paintings painted over the past 10 years are on display, and holds a 'celebration party for her first solo exhibition.' His close friends include Jang Soo-won, a visual member of Sechs Kies and founder of 'Robot Acting,' Lee Jin-ho, a popular comedian who is famous as 'Woong's father' and is active in various entertainment shows, announcer-turned-broadcaster Jo Soo-bin, and art historian Ahn Hyun-bae.

Park Shin-yang, who started painting 10 years ago out of longing for a friend she met while studying abroad in Russia, introduced the works of her life to her close friends through a process of deep thought, including a deep longing, and was reborn as a true painter, calling them 'Artist Park Shin-yang'. We plan to show our true colors.

Accordingly, the best friends are said to have added to the fun by showing off their best friend chemistry with Park Shin-yang by asking strange questions that made Park Shin-yang laugh and giving unexpectedly high-level comments. In particular, Park Shin-yang attracted attention by confessing her affection for her daughter by revealing a word that her daughter said to her one day when she did not understand that her father went out to draw every day.

Next, Park Shin-yang tells an anecdote about how she debuted in a drama thanks to actress Kim Hye-soo and tells of their special relationship. Next, the story behind the creation of the legendary famous scene in the drama 'Lovers in Paris' where he proposes while singing 'Can I Love You' in a glass box, and the autopsy of over 100 corpses to play the role of a genius forensic scientist in the drama 'Sign'. I plan to tell a story about his extraordinary passion for acting.

Meanwhile, his best friend Lee Jin-ho tells the story of how he came to Seoul at the age of 20 with only 10,000 won and succeeded as a comedian. While working as a comedian, he revealed the story of his mother, who was struggling with life and death due to terminal colon cancer, and said, “Even the day before the reoperation, my mother brought kimchi (for me). “I cried a lot when I saw that kimchi,” he said, arousing sympathy from his friends by conveying the joys and sorrows of a comedian who has to make his mother laugh even when she is sick.

Channel A's 'Best Friends Tocumentary Table for 4' airs every Monday at 8:10 PM.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google