'Mukchippa' members, the story of not being invited to Lee Sang-yeop's wedding
'Mukchippa' members, the story of not being invited to Lee Sang-yeop's wedding
'Mukchippa' members mentioned that they would like to attend actor Lee Sang-yeop's wedding.

On this day's broadcast, actor Lee Sang-yeop appears, appearing for the first time on an entertainment show to promote marriage. Upon hearing the news of Lee Sang-yeop's marriage, the members of Mukchippa actively expressed their intention to attend, saying, "This is my first time meeting you. Can I go (to the wedding)?" Seo Jang-hoon made everyone laugh by showing him trying to protect Lee Sang-yeop's wedding buffet, saying, "Even if you invite a lot of other people, you can't invite these people."

Next, the 'Large Swamp' mission, which took the longest time and mobilized the most manpower in Mukchippa's history, appeared and attracted attention. Due to the mission of having to keep running in place without resting to avoid falling into the starch swamp, the large group was forced to do aerobic exercise that was not even part of their training. Meanwhile, it is said that the scene was devastated as people complained of hunger one after another after seeing the member's feet that had fallen into the starch swamp and said, "It looks like fried pig's feet."

Also, on this day, the 'Tasteful' big guys' 'Dongsulin - I'll eat it for you' will be revealed. After making and tasting recipes that became hot topics on social media that I was curious about but had not been able to try before, I decided to put on the Dengjigs and go for an honest taste test. The first episode of 'Dungshulin' is an easy-to-follow, super-simple 'ramen' recipe that really stimulates the salivation glands of late-night viewers. The ramen recipe that made people explode with reactions such as “This is a completely new taste” and “It’s very simple and high quality” can be seen on the broadcast.

Meanwhile, an absurd mission unfolds where you have to guess the smell of food in your hair. I heard people burst into laughter at the bizarre sight of the big guys sticking their noses in and sniffing the wig, which was full of the smell of delicious food, as if they were going to eat it.

‘Large Survival – Mukjjippa’ will be broadcast at 9 PM on Thursday, March 28th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google