Soccer coach Kim Nam-il was a lover.
Soccer coach Kim Nam-il was a lover.
Former soccer player Kim Nam-il revealed his side as a lover.

On this day, with the appearance of three soccer legends, 'Single For Men' took a slightly different stance than usual, drawing laughter from the beginning. In particular, when Kim Nam-il showed extraordinary charisma in response to Tak Jae-hoon's mischievous question, "Are you saying you want to fight now?", Tak Jae-hoon of the world made everyone laugh by showing a confused look, saying, "Why are you doing this only to me?" and "I'm so scared that I can't make eye contact." . It is said that Kim Nam-il continued to cheer everyone by marking Tak Jae-hoon throughout the broadcast.

Next, Vietnamese hero Park Hang-seo revealed the ‘Papa know-how’ of warmly caring for the players as the secret to winning over Vietnam. Kim Tae-young and Kim Nam-il responded by saying, "80% of it was probably staged" and "You didn't do that to us," making the scene burst into laughter. In addition, in response to the question of 'Is the 2002 World Cup or marrying your current wife more glorious?' by 'Single for Men', Park Hang-seo calmly instructed Kim Tae-young and Kim Nam-il to "be careful with your words," showing off the wit and personality of a coach. presented.

In addition, a shocking fact was revealed that Kim Nam-il, the originator of the K-tempered hair, was 'at least a cute guy to his wife.' When Kim Nam-il said that he and his wife, announcer Kim Bo-min, ‘we hug each other at home,’ ‘Single for Men’ got extremely angry and said, “Let’s talk.” Even Park Hang-seo and Kim Tae-young showed their disgust at Kim Nam-il's continued remarks about being a lover, saying, "Aren't you crazy?" and "Please express that love to us, too," which made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, the story behind the legendary 2002 World Cup, which set Korea on fire and advanced to the semifinals, will also be revealed. Kim Tae-young, the original Tiger Mask, confessed that during the World Cup, there was a super secret action that took place with Kim Nam-il without coach Hiddink and Park Hang-seo secretly. When Kim Tae-young opened her mouth and said, “I’m speaking because a lot of time has passed,” Kim Nam-il stood up and appeared to stop Kim Tae-young.

It can be seen on SBS ‘Shoes Off, Single for Men’ on Tuesday, March 26th at 9pm.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google