‘Build Up’ will hold a live final contest on the 29th.
‘Build Up’ will hold a live final contest on the 29th.
The finalists for ‘Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survival’ have been revealed.

In Mnet's 'Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survival' (hereinafter referred to as 'Build Up') broadcast on the 22nd, at the end of the semi-final new song mission, 'Partners' (Park Je-up, Bae In, Lee Dong-hoon, Jeon Woong) and 'WATERFIRE' (Seonyoul, Kang Hayun, Woomu) A total of 3 teams (T, Choi Soo-hwan) and 'Hunmin Jebit' (Jay Chang, Bit Saeon, Seung-hoon, Kim Min-seo) confirmed their advancement to the final live broadcast.

On this day's broadcast, the long-awaited semi-final stages featuring the first new song of 'Build Up' were broadcast. Team Hunmin Jevit, who appeared first, showed off their fatal charm with 'Flower' and captured attention from the start with both vocals and performance. As a result, the Hunmin Jevit team ranked first in the semi-final new song mission in all judges' scores, on-site evaluation panel scores, and advance online voting scores, and ranked first in the semi-finals by an overwhelming score.

Second place in the semi-finals went to the WATERFIRE team, who presented a moving performance with ‘Someday’. As the stage was decorated with the only ballad song of the semi-finals, the judges' interest was high. The members presented a stage filled with only their voices and harmony and won a ticket to the finals. Umuti expressed his happiness, saying, “I can perform on stage one more time.”

The team of colleagues presented a powerful performance with ‘LOSE YOURSELF’. In particular, ‘K-POP representative choreographer’ Youngjun Choi took charge of the choreography and completed a stage that was flawless in everything from vocals to performance. The team of colleagues who took care of everything from high-level vocals to performance ranked 3rd in the semi-finals and was the last to be named as a finalist in 'Build-up'.

The 'MILKY-UP' team (Su-min Jeong, Seo-hyung Kim, Kun-woo Lee, Ha-ram Choi) sadly suffered elimination on the threshold of the finals and left 'Build-up'. On the semi-final stage, the members transformed into lovely younger men and radiated happy energy with 'You&I', heating up the scene. They showed the 'standard build-up' by strengthening their strong teamwork in each round, and showed heart-warming chemistry until the end, shedding tears of regret at breaking up.

As a result, 'Build Up' has only one final stage left until the final debut group is born. The long-awaited winner of the 'build-up' program that will announce the birth of a complete vocal boy group is eagerly awaiting the final stage to see who will be among the three teams: Companions, WATERFIRE, and Hunmin Jebit.

The final stage of 'Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survival' will be broadcast live at 10:10 pm on the 29th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google