Kim Ji-young, Nam Seong-jin and wedding of the century
Kim Ji-young, Nam Seong-jin and wedding of the century
Jiyoung Kim appears on ‘The Chairman’s People.’

In episode 76 of tvN STORY's 'Chairman's People', which airs on the 25th, Kim Ji-young, who plays Bok-gil, Il-yong's only granddaughter, and Lee Min-woo, who plays the chairman's maternal nephew Park Min, visit and depict a family reunion after decades.

Bok-gil, whom Il-yong's Kim Soo-mi and Kim Hye-jeong have been waiting for, comes to visit. While the two are making red pepper paste, Chairman Kim's Yong-geon Kim, Ho Im, and Hana Jo stop by the photo studio to take a family photo. Kim Ji-young, who plays Bok-gil, was waiting there. Jo Hana, who was always a close friend, couldn't hide her surprise, but she cried and welcomed Kim Ji-young. In addition, Kim Soo-mi and Kim Hye-jeong welcome Kim Ji-young, who makes a surprise appearance on Il-yong's, calling her "Mom" and "Grandma."

Il-yong's family of three, who are catching up after meeting after a long time, still vividly reminisce about the time of 'Country Diary'. Kim Ji-young played a villain in the drama 'Tomato', and while filming, she was scolded by a passing citizen who said, "Bok-gil changed after going to Seoul." Bok-gil expresses his gratitude that his efforts to break away from his role became his strength as an actor and ultimately became his nourishment.

In the wedding of the century, Yeong-nam confesses how he felt when he consulted his mother Kim Hye-jeong about his concerns before marrying Kim Seong-jin. Kim Ji-young, who has continued her career by appearing in the drama 'Old Miss Diary', the movies 'The Best Moment of Our Lives', 'Extreme Job', 'Exit', and 'Single in Seoul', is currently working as a professor and teaching students. Even the latest news.

A happy family member also comes to Chairman Kim’s house. Actor Lee Min-woo visited the entire family, who were confused when they received a call from Chairman Kim's eldest daughter, Eom Yu-shin, who plays Yeong-ok, asking to take good care of their son. Lee Min-woo, who started his career as a CF model at the age of 4 and an actor at the age of 7, and has already passed the 40th anniversary of his debut, appeared in 'Pastor Diary' as Park Min, the son of Chairman Kim's eldest daughter Young-ok. In addition, he goes on a trip down memory lane, vaguely remembering that time with the title of the episode in which he appeared, “Baby Cuckoo.”

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google