Chae Rina, confesses her appearance complex, “I’m called the daughter of the Gombo family”
Chae Rina, confesses her appearance complex, “I’m called the daughter of the Gombo family”
Singer Chae Rina confessed to having a complex about her appearance.

In the 3rd episode of the E Channel/Channel S entertainment show 'Playing with Sister 2', which airs at 8:40 pm on the 26th (Tuesday), Chae-rina The appearance of the six people X Ivy X Narsha X Choa is depicted.

The sisters, who previously had time to 'recover their original intention' through hell training, finally enter Daeseong-ri, the 'holy place of MT'. As soon as they arrived at the lodging, Lee Young-hyun, the ‘daughter of the snack bar,’ made tteokbokki by hand for her hungry sisters, and Ivy, who tasted Lee Young-hyun’s tteokbokki, exclaimed, “Let’s get a meal kit!”

During a lively mukbang, ‘Bossam restaurant daughter’ Lee Ji-hye said, “My parents ran a bossam restaurant for about 30 years. “I was so embarrassed by that when I was young,” he said, referring to his immature days. Lee Young-hyeon said, “I also hated my parents running a tteokbokki restaurant. “He also worked at a briquette store, and when he pretended to know me while delivering, I hated it so much that I cried.”

Chae Rina then said, “My parents supplied food materials to the elementary school I attended. “I hated it when my dad, who came to deliver to school, saw me and called me by my name on the playground,” he said. “My dad had a smallpox scar, so back then, I was called the ‘Gombo’s daughter.’ “I was so angry about that,” he said, revealing the story of how he developed a complex about his appearance. Narsha also said, “I lived with my mom since I was young, so I grew up early. “I wanted to make money quickly,” he confesses.

Lee Young-hyun also nodded at the story of a family with similar pain and said, “Belatedly, I thought about going to the applied music department during my senior year of high school. I had to sign up for a vocal academy, but there was no way I could make money, so I fasted for a week. “Then I found out later that my parents had canceled their insurance (to send me to an academy),” he said, making everyone cry.

Chae Rina and Lee Ji-hye honestly express their gratitude to their parents, saying, “It was only when I became an adult that I was able to understand my parents’ feelings.”

You can check it out in episode 3 of ‘Playing with Sister 2’, a jointly produced entertainment show between E Channel and Channel S, which airs at 8:40 pm on the 26th (Tuesday).

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google