Cheondung and Mimi said they wanted to have a daughter who resembles Sandara Park.
Cheondung and Mimi said they wanted to have a daughter who resembles Sandara Park.
Cheondung and Mimi said they wanted to have a daughter who resembles Sandara Park.
Cheondung and Mimi said they wanted to have a daughter who resembles Sandara Park.
Cheondung and Mimi said they wanted to have a daughter who resembles Sandara Park.
Cheondung and Mimi said they wanted to have a daughter who resembles Sandara Park.
Cheondung and Mimi said they wanted to have a daughter who resembles Sandara Park.
Cheondung and Mimi said they wanted to have a daughter who resembles Sandara Park.
TV CHOSUN Cheondung and Mimi, the 'idol couple' who appears on the entertainment show 'Joseon's Lovers', revealed about their plans for the second generation that they dream of having '3 siblings, 1 boy and 2 girls.'

Cheondung-Mimi, who is scheduled to get married on May 26th, depicts her entry into 'Idol Sea World' with her two sisters-in-law Sandara Park and Durami Park in 'Joseon's Lover'. In the broadcast on the 25th, following Cheondung-Mimi's surprising 'Body Profile' filming site, the 'Drunk Talk' site of the first drinking party with two sisters-in-law will be revealed.

Cheondung and Mimi, who formed a 'couple idol' group called Cat River, were happy and said that only good things are happening to each other through 'marriage'. Cheondung said, “As I prepare for my wedding, I am spending more time with my sisters than I thought. My sisters also call Mimi their ‘luck.’” Mimi, who is also a long-time fan of Sandara Park, said, "Dara and my brother look alike, so I want to raise a child who looks like my brother and a child who looks like me, and then have a daughter." She said, "The second generation plan is full of love for the Thunder family." ' was revealed.

Next is a Q&A with the couple Cheondung and Mimi.

Q. As spring approaches, the wedding on May 26th is also approaching. What are your plans for the second generation?
Mimi: I felt it when I was having a meal with my sisters-in-law or taking wedding photos, and for the second generation, I want to have two daughters and a son like my brother. I think it would be satisfying to see the three siblings taking good care of each other and getting along just like you. And every time we talk about the second generation, we say we want to have a child that looks like each other. I have been a long-time fan of Sandara since I was very young before my debut, so I always tell my brother, “Let’s have a child who looks like Dara.” Since my brother and Dara look alike, I want to have a child who looks like him and raise a child who looks like me as my brother wanted, and then give birth to a daughter.

Q. Cheondung is preparing to get married before his two older sisters. I am curious about how you feel about getting married first as the youngest child, and whether your older sisters help you a lot.

Cheondung: In the past, I was loved and loved as the youngest member of the family, but now I feel more responsibility as I become the head of the family once I get married. When I told my sisters the news of my marriage, they were surprised and a little worried because they thought, 'Our youngest is getting married...' but they didn't press me and asked me why I was getting married so early, but they congratulated and supported me. . So I feel a sense of responsibility to do better so my sisters don’t worry!

Q. Is there a wedding present that Mr. Cheondung would like from his sisters?

Cheondung: My sisters and I are the type of people who don't expect anything from each other, but hope that each other will do well and support each other. So, I don't have any big hopes, but as I prepare for my wedding, I'm spending more time with my sisters than I thought. Actually, when my three siblings were young, we spent a lot of time together, but as each of us got jobs and became busier with our own work, the time we spent together naturally decreased. However, while preparing for my wedding with Mimi, I take wedding photos with my sisters, go to the movies, and eat delicious food.
At the same time, Mimi and her sisters have time to become family, and I have also had time to become closer to my sisters again. These moments with my sisters and Mimi are like a gift. My sisters also said that thanks to Mimi, our family is getting closer and called Mimi ‘a blessing.’

Mimi: My sisters are my blessings. Sisters-in-law, their very existence is a gift! As I said before, living with my husband's family like family is something I've dreamed of for a long time. In fact, I think that being able to realize my dream is possible because my brother and sisters have the same feelings as me. So meeting an older brother who has the same thoughts as me, marrying him, and meeting Sandara and Durami feel like such precious gifts to me.

Q. What has changed the most since you switched from a secret relationship to an open relationship and marriage preparation?

Thunder: I love that I can date comfortably. When I was in a secret relationship, there were a lot of photos I wanted to upload, but I couldn't. When Mimi posted a pretty photo, I wanted to comment, "She's pretty," but I couldn't do it. I’m so happy that I can upload as much as I want after going public with my relationship. And when I get asked by fans to take pictures with Mimi, they like me more when I'm with Mimi than when I'm alone, and they congratulate me, so it makes me feel good to know that there are many people who support us!

Mimi: Actually, I was worried a lot before announcing my public relationship and marriage. Since my brother and I are idols, I was very worried that our fans would be disappointed. However, more people than I expected congratulated and supported me. I feel good when my fans also like me and say that my brother is handsome. Since we announced our relationship and marriage publicly, I feel reassured and happy because the number of people who support and love us has doubled.

Q. Was there a moment when you felt strongly that ‘the other person really loves me’?

Cheondung: Even if something sad or disappointing happens to Mimi, I feel relieved just by looking at Mimi’s face. But Mimi was like that too. Even if I do something wrong to Mimi or if she is upset because something is disappointing to me, she smiles when she looks at my face. At times like that, I feel like Mimi feels the same way as me. And since I have a puppy-like personality and Mimi has a cat-like personality, I tend to express affection more by saying, ‘Please be nice to me.’ However, there are times when Mimi expresses affection and makes me look pretty. I am so happy because I feel loved every time that happens!

Mimi: During the four years that I met my brother, he always took me and picked me up wherever I went. When I look at that, I think, ‘He really cares about me.’ One time I asked, “What if my brother gets into an accident while coming to pick me up?” i did it. However, I remember being very touched and moved as I watched my brother say, “I think I’d be more worried about you,” and “Even if something goes wrong in an accident, I don’t regret it because I did it for you.” It's never taken for granted, but I feel loved when I see my brother telling me that it's obvious and showing me that it's not just empty words.

Q. Please tell us what you want viewers of ‘Joseon’s Lover’ to feel through this program.

Thunder: I want to show off the sweet chemistry between Mimi and I, and let people know that Mimi is a really pretty and fun friend. Also, there is a perception that ‘idols end when they disband or get married.’ But we formed a team while preparing for the wedding. While showing the process of us becoming a team, I also want to show how much thought and effort Mimi and I put into the musical aspect. We will show you the first ‘couple idol’ appearance!

Mimi: Like my brother's story, we will show how we are growing as artists, but we also want to show how we are growing as a couple by showing the process of preparing for marriage as a soon-to-be couple. I don’t think the worries that prospective couples of our age have are much different from the concerns we face now. I hope that we can grow together with our couples and worry about the things they worry about before getting married, such as when to register the marriage, what to do with the wedding gift and wedding, and what to do with the new home.

'Joseon's Lover' airs every Monday at 10 PM on TV CHOSUN, and the story of 'idol couple' Cheondung and Mimi continues on the 25th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google