Bus driver's body found in burning car
Bus driver's body found in burning car
‘Brave Detectives 3’ delves into the bizarre murder of a bus driver.

Detective Han Sang-yoon appears on the 30th episode of T-Cast E Channel's 'Brave Detectives 3', which airs on the 22nd, and reveals his own investigation story.

The incident that day began with a report that a car was on fire in an empty lot. It was believed that someone had set the car on fire with gasoline.

Upon inspection, a body was found in the driver's seat of the vehicle. The deceased turns out to be a local bus driver. Colleagues at the bus company say the deceased man is not someone who deserves a grudge.

However, a bus driver close to the deceased says something different. It is said that the deceased bus driver was addicted to gambling and borrowed a considerable amount of money from himself and those around him.

In addition, the detectives searched nearby gas stations to find the person who bought the gasoline, and soon succeeded in finding him. In the process, the unexpected identity of the culprit is revealed.

You can find out who the culprit who murdered the bus driver is and the bizarre actions of the culprit who was blinded by love by watching the broadcast of 'Brave Detectives 3'.

‘Brave Detectives 3’ airs every Friday night at 8:40 PM and is also released on major OTT platforms such as Netflix, TVING, and Wave.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google