Kim Hae-jun, who gained popularity as the cafe owner Choi Jun character, flirted with 170,000 YouTubers.
Kim Hae-jun, who gained popularity as the cafe owner Choi Jun character, flirted with 170,000 YouTubers.
Comedian Kim Hae-joon appears on 'Map to Go Back' and makes Japanese 'proxy traveler' Angelina laugh by flirting 'cafe owner Choi Jun-style'.

The 101st episode of Channel S's 'Map to Go Back', which will be broadcast on the 21st, is a 'World Market Food Battle Special', and will feature a battle of travel destinations full of happiness that will delight the eyes and the mouth and stimulate the five senses. Supporter Kim Shin-young recommends Tokyo Food List Japan with proxy traveler Angelina, Lee Seok-hoon recommends Tainan Taste Seal Breaking Taiwan with Captain Tagger, and 'Big Star Teacher' Choi Tae-seong recommends street food paradise Italy with Yeon Guk.

On this day's broadcast, comedian Kim Hae-joon, who created a craze as a side character with 'Cafe Owner Choi Jun', and idol group The News' Seong-jun join together to reveal the reason why they formed 'Jun Brothers'. Kim Hae-joon introduces the special friendship between the two, saying, “We became close friends after drinking Seong-jun’s coffee by mistake while sharing the waiting room.”

Kim Hae-jun especially sends ‘Choi Jun-sik flirting’ to ‘proxy traveler’ Angelina. Kim Hae-jun said, “It feels like I went on a date with Angelina,” and “It feels like she put dango in my mouth, it feels like we went on a trip together, and she drives me crazy.” He pretends to be Choi Jun and makes the cast laugh.

Angelina tasted dango, a traditional Japanese dessert, in Shibamata, a suburb of Tokyo, and at a hotel said to have the prettiest view in Tokyo, she said, “I can’t believe I came here alone. “Would you please come here?” he said, setting fire to Kim Hae-jun’s heart. Kim Hae-jun said, “Where is it? “You have to tell me where it is,” he said, making people laugh as he showed signs of leaving for Japan right away.

170,000 YouTuber Angelina introduces eating and healing spots that can be enjoyed near Tokyo, including Tsukiji Market, Japan's 400-year-old traditional market, and a 1920s Japanese-style dessert cafe.

In addition, the 'World Market Food Battle Special', which introduces the food and attractions of Italy and Taiwan, can be seen at 9:40 pm on the 21st.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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