Jeon Jong-seo ♥ Moon Sang-min finally confirm their feelings with a kiss
Jeon Jong-seo ♥ Moon Sang-min finally confirm their feelings with a kiss
Jeon Jong-seo and Moon Sang-min absorbed each other well.

In the 8th episode of tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Impossible' (written by Park Seul-gi, Oh Hye-won/directed by Kwon Young-il/planned by Studio Dragon/produced by Studio 329), which aired yesterday (19th), Na-jeong (played by Jeon Jong-seo) and Lee Ji-han (played by Moon Sang-min) Amid confusion and resignation, I confirmed my feelings with a tearful kiss.

The reason Lee Ji-han took Na-jeong out of the wedding dress shop was none other than his older brother Lee Do-han (played by Kim Do-wan). Lee Ji-han, who heard about his older brother from Lee Do-han's former lover Jeong Dae-hyeon (played by Shin Yong-beom), misunderstood that Lee Do-han used Na-jeong as a scapegoat to hide his secret. Lee Ji-han did not know that Na-jeong and Lee Do-han's marriage was a sham, so he only felt sorry for the hurt that Na-jeong would receive.

Lee Ji-han tried again to persuade Na-jeong to get married, but she could not give any answer. Even though it was a contract marriage, there were many things Na-jeong had to protect, including her best friend Lee Do-han's freedom, her parents' expectations, and even her dream of working in her first leading role. However, without even having time to immerse herself in the role, her greed for Lee Ji-han grew and made Na-jeong dizzy.

After much deliberation, Na-jeong decided to give up her feelings and warned Lee Ji-han to stop interfering with her life. Na-jeong's warning ignited Lee Ji-han's delusion that she was being deceived by her older brother into marrying Lee Do-han because she loved him, and Lee Ji-han continued to dissuade her from marrying Lee Do-han.

Na-jeong went to the filming set for the first time in a long time to shake off distracting thoughts, but as Lee Ji-han followed her to the filming set, her heart naturally began to waver. When a brief break came after continuous filming, Na-jeong and Lee Ji-han opened up about their stories. The two people have a line to follow, so they are acting like they don't have feelings for each other. A certain sadness was felt in the smiles of Na-jeong and Lee Ji-han, who took off their masks in the name of ‘recess’.

However, since Na-jeong and Lee Ji-han were connected in a relationship that should not have occurred, they had to hide their feelings in front of others. Na-jeong, who happened to meet Yoon Chae-won (played by Bae Yoon-kyung) along with Lee Ji-han, felt envious of Yoon Chae-won, who confidently shared her feelings and said, “I am clinging to Lee Ji-han.” In addition, Na-jeong's guilt was doubled due to Lee Do-han showing a smile that was only comfortable for him.

On the other hand, Lee Ji-han, who could not control his emotions, fiercely opposed his older brother Lee Do-han, and surprised Na-jeong by visiting Na-jeong and expressing his feelings, saying, "I like Na-jeong." Na-jeong ran away to avoid the situation, but soon returned to Lee Ji-han and vented her anger.

Na-jeong looked at Lee Ji-han, who hugged her and comforted her, saying, “How have I been able to endure it all this time?” and then kissed him first. He then said, “I think I’m going crazy because of you,” showing that he feels the same way as Lee Ji-han.

The two people's eyes filled with complex emotions followed by their lips touching, showing that their hearts were finally connected. Episode 8 of 'Wedding Impossible' ended with a kiss between two people who focused only on each other on a dark night. In this way, Na-jeong and Lee Ji-han took off the masks they had worn to protect their dreams and lives and finally faced each other's true feelings.

The story of Jeon Jong-seo and Moon Sang-min, who confirmed their feelings for each other, continues in the 9th episode of tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Impossible', which will be broadcast at 8:50 pm on the 25th (Monday).

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google