The emergence of a new trash lover following Jang Seung-jo and Lee Yi-kyung.
The emergence of a new trash lover following Jang Seung-jo and Lee Yi-kyung.
Is my husband, who I thought was a lover, a spoiler? 'Let's get caught by the collar' Jang Seung-jo emerged as the central figure in the murder case and turned the drama around.

In KBS 2TV's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Let's Get Caught by the Collar' (directed by Lee Ho and Lee Hyun-kyung, written by Bae Soo-young, produced by Monster Union and Production H) that aired on the 19th, Seol Woo-jae (played by Jang Seung-jo) is an affectionate husband who loves his wife very much. It continued like that.

He heard that his wife, Seo Jeong-won (Kim Ha-neul), was having an affair with Seol Woo-jae from the deceased Cha Eun-sae (Han Ji-eun), but when Seol Woo-jae questioned him about it, he revealed that Cha Eun-sae was his stalker. Seol Woo-jae expressed his disappointment to Jeong-won, who doubted him, and Jeong-won even felt sorry.

However, Jeong-Won's strange suspicions toward Woo-Jae grew even stronger. In the end, Jeong-won finds Woo-jae's second phone in the trash that Woo-jae had thrown away. It was confirmed that the GPS was captured in the building where Cha Eun-sae died on the day she died. Then, Kim Tae-heon (Yeon Woo-jin) visits Seol Woo-jae at the couple's house and asks Seol Woo-jae to accompany him to the police station due to the Cha Eun-sae case. As the unresolved facts of Seol Woo-jae's affair and Cha Eun-sae's murder case become intertwined, viewers are left wondering what Seol Woo-jae's true identity is like. The attention of

Jang Seung-jo completed Seol Woo-jae as a character who evokes trust and doubt at the same time. As a sweet husband who is close to perfection, he maximizes his highly stimulating melodrama eyes and affectionate appearance, captivating his wife's foolish side. As soon as suspicions arise that he has committed an affair, an inexplicable look in his eyes begins to be revealed, and he is seen in front of his wife. An unprecedented poker face was added.

This variation in Jang Seung-jo's acting immediately made Seol Woo-jae emerge as the central figure in Cha Eun-sae's murder case and aroused ambivalent feelings in her, making her doubt whether she was the husband she wanted to trust or the murder suspect. Because Jang Seung-jo was completed as a character who evoked both trust and suspicion rather than blind suspicion toward Seol Woo-jae, he heightened the interest of the play to the maximum. It is making people look forward to the next episode even more, raising curiosity about whether he will be able to remain a lover or become a twisted trash lover.

Meanwhile, the drama 'Let's Get Caught by the Collar' airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10:10 PM on KBS2.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google