Kim Seon-ho, Kim Jun-hyun, Moon Se-yoon and brotherly chemistry
Kim Seon-ho, Kim Jun-hyun, Moon Se-yoon and brotherly chemistry
On-site stills taken by Kim Jun-hyun, Moon Se-yoon, and Kim Seon-ho in Thailand have been released.

On the 15th, SBS Plus and E Channel's real overseas eating show 'Brothers 2 (hereinafter referred to as Glutton Brothers 2)' released a feed containing the Thailand Three Musketeers Kim Jun-hyun, Moon Se-yoon and Kim Seon-ho's great exploration through the official SNS, creating a desire to watch it live. raise vertically.

On the 26th of last month, Kim Jun-hyun, Moon Se-yoon, and Kim Seon-ho, the first guest of 'Glutton Type', went on a 4-day, 3-night trip to Thailand to fit their busy schedules. The trio of food travel mates plan to tour Thailand's hottest MZ hot spots and hidden restaurants, bursting with laughter, romantic bromance, and large-scale mukbangs.

In relation to this, in the photos released on social media, the three people appear to be enjoying their trip to Thailand with happy smiles on their faces. They visit the Elephant Conservation Park and create a warm atmosphere with locals and tourists. At this time, Kim Jun-hyun is smiling brightly while pointing at an elephant with a belly as big as his own. This looks like a family photo, making people laugh. Additionally, Moon Se-yoon and Kim Seon-ho are striking a humorous pose with their faces covered in mud next to an elephant covered in mud.

In addition, the two people wear matching Thai costumes and show off their brotherly charm, while counting money with serious expressions, raising curiosity about what happened. One after another, the three people stopped by a landmark in Thailand and completed a happy three-shot. Expectations are rising for the Thai episode of 'Gugger Type 2', which will deliver raw happiness to the small screen through a comfortable and laughter-filled eating and exploring trip.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google