Trudy, Lee Dae-eun and the second generation worry
Trudy, Lee Dae-eun and the second generation worry
Trudy and Lee Dae-eun will appear on tvN's 'Kim Chang-ok Show 2'.

In episode 6 of tvN's 'Kim Chang-ok Show 2', which airs on the 14th, 'Before the Storm! Under the theme of 'Families in Peril', Kim Chang-ok's wise solution is revealed to turn the crisis of family relationships on the verge of catastrophe into an opportunity. On this day, former professional baseball player Lee Dae-eun and rapper Trudy, winner of 'Unpretty Rapstar 2', visited the site and added to the joy. Rapper Trudy, who revealed that he is Kim Chang-ok's biggest fan, confesses that he visited the 'Kim Chang-ok Show' to seek counseling for his concerns.

Kim Chang-ok, standing at the lecture, first talks about the various reasons why marriage is difficult, pointing out that the biggest reason is his relationship with himself. Kim Chang-ok, who began by saying, “If you don’t have a good relationship with yourself, the relationship between your spouse is also bad,” conveyed that self-care and self-care are essential for yourself and your spouse, and talked about ways to take care of ‘me’ that she experienced after a local lecture trip. Raise empathy through stories.

In the full-scale lecture, attention is drawn to the presentation of solutions to save precarious family relationships. First, the wife-to-be's concerns about being burdened by her husband-to-be who worries about her all day are revealed. The husband-to-be admitted that his level of worry had become excessive due to the possibility of crime and safety accidents in the surrounding area, but the revelation that he was bombarded with questions about even the slightest change in the family was surprising. However, when the unfortunate story of her husband-to-be's past is revealed, Kim Chang-ok gives advice, saying, "If you become sensitive with tension and caution, your worries may be questioned," emphasizing that you should take care of yourself first, stimulating curiosity about the background.

In addition, pleasant stories that made the atmosphere at the scene lively are also revealed. The husband, who is self-employed, enjoys singing in front of customers, but the wife is embarrassed by him. Despite the wife's concerns that her husband does not like being in the spotlight due to their drastically different personalities, the husband pays no heed and shows off his singing skills on set, receiving applause. Looking at this, Kim Chang-ok gives sincere advice, saying, "If you don't go through puberty properly, you may suffer from menopause severely," and gives a clear answer to do whatever you want until you are 45.

The inner circumstances of former professional baseball player Lee Dae-eun and rapper Trudy, newlyweds who have been married for three years, are also revealed. There is a conflict of opinion between Trudy, who wants to make plans for the second generation, and Lee Dae-eun, who thinks she is not ready yet. When Dae-eun Lee asks her to plan for the second generation after purchasing her own home, Trudy says, "If I buy my own home, I'll be 100 years old," and watching the tense confrontation, she gives a refreshing laugh and arouses curiosity about the background of realistic concerns. Regarding the fear of not being ready, Kim Chang-ok said, "Because I was a pitcher who could end or ruin my pitch with one hit, the pressure would be even greater," and showed understanding of Lee Dae-eun, who must prepare for a new life after retirement, and the couple's relationship. Provides wise advice for restoring relationships.

In addition, various situations and solutions are presented, such as the worry of not being able to tell her conservative mother that she is a Dink couple, the conflict with her husband who always speaks angrily, and the daughter-in-law feeling guilty about not being filial after her mother-in-law, whom she depended on a lot, passed away. . In particular, the story of a wife who confessed her disappointment to her husband, who had a difficult time living with her in-laws for a long time but did not understand her feelings, will bring tears to Kim Chang-ok's eyes, while also touching the heart by promising a very special gift for the couple.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google