Ha Do-kwon "I'm shocked that Namgoong Min has a warm side"
Ha Do-kwon "I'm shocked that Namgoong Min has a warm side"
Ha Do-kwon reveals the story of how he was shocked when he saw Namgoong Min.

MBC's 'Radio Star', which will be aired on the 13th, will feature a special 'Acting Mania' featuring Jang Hyuk, Kim Min-jae, Ha Do-kwon, and Kim Do-hoon.

From the drama 'Stove League' to 'Penthouse', 'The Last Empress', 'Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox 1938', and recently 'Marry My Husband', he has recorded high viewership ratings and buzz in each of his works, making him a very fortunate actor. The rising Ha Do-kwon visits ‘Radio Star’. He said he would raise the ratings of 'Radio Star' from the beginning, and revealed, "I appeared as a guest on the first episode of 'Late Night Ghost Story' and (senior Kim Gura) grumbled a lot," causing MC Kim Gura's anger.

Ha Do-kwon said, “I returned to musicals after 8 years,” and drew attention to the story of a recent employment fraud(?). He, who is planning to play the main character of the musical 'Great Comet', has to play five songs on the piano at the level of a pianist and three on the accordion, so he is practicing to the point where his fingernails are breaking. He then sighed, saying, “I couldn’t find an actor to do this difficult job (I think it came to me).”

Ha Do-kwon said that although 'Marry My Husband' was a box office success, there was a reason why it was disappointing. He said, "I was looking forward to a melodrama with my co-star Gong Min-jeong, but it ended with a handshake at the end," and "(the production team) made me a hybrid to save production costs." “It seems like it’s written in ,” he complained. He then expressed his regret, saying that the 'Marry My Husband' team will be taking a reward vacation next week, but they will miss it because of 'Great Comet' practice.

In addition, Ha Do-kwon attracted attention by revealing the secret behind the creation of the 'Doogi Universe', which is unprecedented in the history of Korean dramas. He received attention for his role as Kang Doo-gi in 'Stove League' and later created the 'Doogi Universe' as Mado-Doogi in 'Penthouse' and O-Doo-gi in 'Come to the Witch's Restaurant'. Everyone was amazed at the works that came out in Dogi, all with different authors. In addition, while telling the story of the birth of 'life character' Kang Doo-gi, he expressed his affection, saying, "It was a precious and special experience."

Ha Do-kwon also attracted attention by mentioning the stars he acted with. He chose Nam Goong Min as the actor who shocked him when he appeared in 'Stove League' and said, "I thought he was chic... but I was shocked because he had a warm side," raising curiosity about the story. He also revealed his memory of being comforted by Song Seung-heon while filming his drama debut, 'Saimdang Light's Diary', and recalled, "Even Asian stars couldn't help it." In addition, he was jealous of the popularity of Korean Wave with Chae Jong-hyeop, whom he became close with while working in 'Stove League', saying, "I had no idea it would become this popular."

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that Ha Do-kwon was an elite who was accepted to both Seoul National University and Yonsei University's vocal music department, attracting attention. Kim Gu-ra, who had great love for Incheon, was pleased to hear that Ha Do-kwon was from Incheon, saying, “For some reason, he worked hard to shake his mouth.” Ha Do-kwon also revealed the story of being misunderstood by local police as a murderer while working in a Japanese theater company, and it is said that everyone grabbed his belly button, which stimulates curiosity.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google