Jung Hae-in, Jung So-min, childhood friend romance
Jung Hae-in, Jung So-min, childhood friend romance
'Mom's Friend's Son' has revealed an exciting line-up that will complete the romance around the turbulent neighborhood.

On the 13th, tvN's new drama 'Mom's Friend's Son' revealed the cast lineup. 'Mom's Friend's Son' is a turbulent romance around the neighborhood between a woman trying to reboot her flawed life and her living dark history, 'Mom's Friend's Son'. The story that unfolds when Choi Seung-hyo (played by Jung Hae-in) and Bae Seok-ryu (played by Jung So-min), a childhood boy and girl who record each other's dark history, reunite at the crossroads of youth is expected to bring pleasant laughter, warm empathy, and excitement.

The fact that it is the next film of director Yoo Je-won, who has successively produced dramas from 'Seaside Village Cha Cha Cha' to 'Ilta Scandal', is attracting attention. In particular, the reunion with author Shin Ha-eun of the much-loved 'Seaside Village Cha Cha Cha' stimulates anticipation. I look forward to seeing what kind of warm sympathy and excitement it will bring with a romance that is closely tied to reality.

Above all, the tight lineup heats up expectations even more. Following the casting news of Jung Hae-in and Jung So-min, which attracted attention, Kim Ji-eun and Yoon Ji-on joined to lead another axis of youth romance. Park Ji-young, Jo Han-cheol, Jang Young-nam, Lee Seung-jun, Kim Geum-soon, and Han Ye-ju richly depict the colorful stories of the friendly and unique people of Hyereung-dong. In addition, Jeon Seok-ho, Lee Seung-hyeop, and Shim So-young, who are responsible for the laughter, join in to depict a romance in a turbulent neighborhood in a more pleasant way.

Jung Hae-in transforms into Choi Seung-hyo, the warm-hearted son of his mother's friend. Choi Seung-hyo, a young architect who is attracting attention and the representative of Atelier 'IN', is loved by everyone for not only his skills but also his appearance and personality. The only dark side in his life is Bae Seok-ryu. As Bae Seok-ryu returns to his peaceful daily life, a dangerous bug occurs in his life.

Jung So-min plays Bae Seok-ryu, a broken, strict daughter who wants to reboot her life. Bae Seok-ryu, who is full of energy and honest, is truly a strict daughter who has never failed to show off. He was thriving as a product manager at a global conglomerate, known as God's workplace, but one day he suddenly had a major breakdown. Expectations are focused on the chemistry between Jung Hae-in and Jung So-min, who will portray the dynamic daily life of a mother's daughter and mother's daughter who have faced every conflict between love and friendship.

Attention is also focused on the youthful synergy between Kim Ji-eun and Yoon Ji-on. Kim Ji-eun plays Jeong Mo-eum, a 119 paramedic who believes that hero DNA flows within her body. He started out as a Spider-Man fanatic and became a real-life hero, taking pride in saving people's lives. He grew up with Choi Seung-hyo and Bae Seok-ryu as the Three Musketeers and knows their dark history better than anyone else. Ji-on Yoon plays Kang Dan-ho, a field-first reporter who only pursues facts. He, who has a strong sense of faith and responsibility, faces unexpected changes when he moves next door to Jeong Mo-eum, whose thinking circuit is unpredictable.

Park Ji-young transforms into Na Mi-sook, the mother of Bae Seok-ryu, who has a blunt and comprehensible personality and has a strong vitality, and shows off a real-life mother and daughter with Jung So-min. Jo Han-cheol plays Bae Geun-sik, the father of Bae Seok-ryu, who runs a small snack bar in the neighborhood. Jang Young-nam plays the role of Seo Hye-sook, the African head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the mother of Choi Seung-hyo, who loves her work. Tikitaka, the rivalry between two very different mothers, Na Mi-sook and Seo Hye-sook, is expected to provide another level of fun. Lee Seung-jun plays the role of Choi Gyeong-jong, an emergency medicine professor and Choi Seung-hyo's father, and brings warmth to his son with his foolish side.

In addition, Jeon Seok-ho, Kim Geum-soon, Han Ye-joo, Lee Seung-hyeop, and Shim So-young join in, raising expectations for even more fun. Jeon Seok-ho adds pleasant laughter as Yoon Myeong-woo, co-representative of the architectural atelier and Choi Seung-hyo's college senior. Do Jae-sook, the mother of local troubleshooter Jeong Mo-eum, and Bang In-sook, who is full of girlish emotions but has a lot of inner anger, are played by Kim Geum-sun and Han Ye-joo. The chemistry between the Sook sisters, including Mi-sook, Hye-sook, Jae-suk, and In-sook, stimulates curiosity. Lee Seung-hyeop plays Bae Dong-jin, Bae Seok-ryu's younger brother who dreams of becoming a health trainer, and Shim So-young transforms and revitalizes Lee Na-yoon, an employee at the architectural atelier who has a crush on Choi Seung-hyo.

The production team said, "'Mom's Friend's Son' captures love, friendship, and family love against the background of a friendly neighborhood called Hyereung-dong. Please look forward to the synergy between trustworthy actors who will complete a warm and pleasant romance in a turbulent neighborhood."

‘Mom’s Friend’s Son’ is scheduled to air this year.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google