DinDin talks about his difficulties with Racism
DinDin talks about his difficulties with Racism
DinDin talked about his experience of experiencing racial discrimination while studying abroad in Canada.

MBC Every1's 'Gominsunsak <It Was But It Wasn't>', which will be aired for the first time at 7:40 p.m. today (12th), is a business trip with four religious clergy, including Protestant Pastor Jin Kim, Buddhist Monk Seongjin, Won-Buddhist rector Park Se-woong, and Catholic Father Ha Seong-yong. It is a talk program.

For the first business trip, we visited the Korea University campus and shared concerns with university students and faculty.

Meanwhile, MC DinDin drew attention by empathizing with the story of his worries and sharing his own experiences. When a foreign student spoke about his experience of being hurt in Korea, DinDin brought up his experience of studying abroad in Canada when he was in high school.

DinDin said, “There was a time when my self-esteem collapsed (due to racial discrimination),” and shared his experience of overcoming discrimination in his own way. Here, Monk Seongjin and Dean Sewoong Park are said to have brought tears to the eyes of international students with solutions that touched their hearts. Attention is focused on counseling for concerns that brought tears to the eyes.

Previously, at the 96th Academy Awards, while Robert Downey Jr. and Emma Stone won the Best Supporting Actor and Best Actress awards, respectively, there were criticisms that the two's attitudes toward receiving the award were racist.

DinDin could not hide his shock when he heard the story of a college student working part-time as a tutor suffering from abuse by his parents. DinDin said, “My mother always apologized to the tutor. “It’s the child’s fault that the grade went down, not the teacher’s fault,” he said of his experience. In response, Kim Je-dong requested a public apology(?), and Dindin said, “There are more than one teacher who would like to apologize,” filling the scene with laughter.

MBC Every1's 'Thinking Soonsak <It Was But It Wasn't>' will be aired for the first time today (12th) at 7:40 PM.

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