Lee Chan-won said, “I will turn the 2 million won I borrowed from my mother into 200 billion won.”
Lee Chan-won said, “I will turn the 2 million won I borrowed from my mother into 200 billion won.”
The psychological analysis commentary show 'One Little Difference: Psychomentary' (hereinafter referred to as 'One Little Difference') delved into the 'French version of the Jeon Cheongjo incident' with exclusive interviews with actual victims. We also looked at the life story of Jim Carrey, the two-time Golden Globe winner who became a great actor worth tens of billions of dollars through self-suggestion.

The second psychological keyword, 'mental victory', was discussed on E Channel's 'Hankeotdif', which aired on the 6th. The worst case of mental victory introduced first was the 'French version of the Jeon Qing Dynasty incident', in which a couple who had a child and lived together for 18 years was in fact homosexual. Bernard, who was an intern in his 20s at the French Embassy in China in the 1960s, was tired of living in an unfamiliar country. He met Pei Fu, a Chinese opera actor and writer, and they became indispensable friends. Meanwhile, Peifu confesses the secret that she is actually a woman, and the two naturally turn from friends to lovers. Afterwards, when Bernard tried to leave, Speyfu caught him with the harsh words, "Actually, I'm pregnant."

When asked why she believed she was pregnant, Bernard, who was in her 80s and interviewed by the production team of 'Hankeotchai', said, "I saw blood stains and I even had a handkerchief to wipe it up." Accordingly, the 'Jeon Cheong-jo incident', in which he deceived the other party with a fake pregnancy test, was recalled, and the similarity between the two cases was also mentioned. Professor Park Ji-seon explained, "There is a term called hoovering. It refers to pulling a person who has broken up with oneself back into one's territory like a vacuum cleaner by any means possible." Peifu also said that whenever Bernard tried to leave, he caught him by confessing that he was a woman and that he was pregnant.

Afterwards, Bernard became a spy for the Chinese government in order to meet the son that Peifu had adopted while he was away. In fact, he handed over about 500 French embassy documents to the Chinese government, and a few years later, his 7-year-old son, Shidudu, appeared before Bernard's eyes. However, Bernard and Peifu were eventually indicted by French authorities on charges of spying for China and were put on trial. During the trial, it was revealed to the world that Peifu's gender was male. Bernard showed the essence of mental victory by saying, “If Peifu were a man, he would be a hermaphrodite, because he gave birth to my child.”
Lee Chan-won said, “I will turn the 2 million won I borrowed from my mother into 200 billion won.”
Lee Chan-won said, “I will turn the 2 million won I borrowed from my mother into 200 billion won.”
After the trial, Bernard was arrested first, and soon after, Seyfu was imprisoned in the same room. Bernard, who was anxious about the fact that Peifu was assigned to the men's room, proposed to her in prison, saying, "You can no longer hide that you are a woman." However, it was only then that Peifu confessed his identity, calmly saying, “I am a man. Don’t you know that yet?” Regarding the situation at the time, Bernard said, "I asked him why he didn't tell me about it earlier, and he said, 'Because I didn't have time.' I asked if I could see the evidence, and he took off his pants. I was completely destroyed," he said, reflecting on the terrible memory.

Regarding this, Lee Chan-won was angry, saying, "If Bernard had had an ordinary marriage, he would have been living a happy old age, but he sent a person's life into the abyss. I'm really angry." Hong Jin-kyung sympathized, saying, "If I had experienced something like that in my hometown, I wouldn't have gotten to this point, but I think that's what can happen if you're gaslighted by a person in an isolated foreign country." Professor Park Ji-seon advised that in order to avoid a type like Speifu, be careful of the so-called ‘candy for my ears’ who keeps saying only nice things to hear.

As an example of a successful mental victory, an anecdote was introduced about Jim Carrey, who was known as a 'troublemaker on set' for not using his real name during the filming period and walking around with a backpack on set. When Jim Carrey was young, his family of six lived in a car because they couldn't afford a place to live, and he had to work at a factory to earn money before even finishing high school. I also failed the audition and ended up living in a friend's closet for a year. However, in the midst of all this, he hinted to himself, ‘I will become the best actor.’ Jim Carrey said of his success story, "He wrote me a fake check for $10 million in appearance fees. The payment date was Thanksgiving Day 1995. I carried the check in my wallet and actually earned $10 million just before Thanksgiving." “He said.

In response, Lee Chan-won confessed his experience of mental victory, saying, "When I was doing 'Mr. Trot', I didn't have money to eat right away or rent a practice room, so I borrowed 2 million won from my mother for the first time in my life." Lee Chan-won confessed, “I always thought that I would do really well and repay the 2 million won I borrowed from my mother with 20 million won, 200 million won, 2 billion won, 200 billion won.” Hong Jin-kyung then joked, “Right now (Lee Chan-won) has 200 billion won in his bank account.” Jang Seong-gyu made everyone laugh by asking, “How do you feel when you earn this much?” Professor Park Ji-seon pointed out the cases of Bernard, who believed that men were women, and Jim Carrey, who believed in his own success, saying, “It is important not to become isolated while denying reality and believing what you want to believe. Listen to other people’s opinions and listen to others when you have doubts.” “I need to check with you,” he said.

Next week, we will look into the difference between 'jealousy' through the worst ending caused by the jealousy of a noble friend and the crazy jealousy of a man who became a trillionaire in his 20s. ‘Hankeutchai’ can be watched every Wednesday at 8:40 PM on OTT channels such as E Channel and Wave. It is also being served as audio content on podcast platforms Podbbang and Apple Podcasts.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google