Heejun Moon reveals his 18-month-old son for the first time
Heejun Moon reveals his 18-month-old son for the first time
Moon Hee-jun and So-yul's daughter Hee-yul made a comeback after 4 years with 'The Return of Superman'. I'm back.

Episode 517 of KBS2's 'The Return of Superman (hereinafter referred to as Superman)', which aired on the 5th, was titled 'High Tension Super Parenting' and was narrated by So Yoo-jin and special narrator actress Kang So-ra. While Moon Hee-jun and 8-year-old Jamjam Hee-yul reappeared after about 4 years and radiated the same excitement and cute charm, their 18-month-old second son Hee-woo, who appeared on the air for the first time, succeeded in filling the TV with his exciting charm. Subsequently, the trio of Kim Jun-ho, Eun-woo, and Jung-woo were reborn as glamorous fashion people with the fashion advice of musical actor Kim Ho-young.

On this day, Moon Hee-jun's daughter, Jamjam Hee-yul, showed off her cute dance moves to New Jeans' 'Super Shy' and warmly greeted the camera crew, adding to her still mischievous side and a more adorable charm. Moon Hee-jun's 18-month-old son, Hee-woo, revealed his veiled face for the first time in 'Shoodol', announcing the appearance of Moon Hee-jun No. 2, who has exactly the same eyes, nose, and mouth as Moon Hee-jun. Moon Hee-jun said, “Hee-woo is special because he was born after my destiny,” and made people laugh by mentioning that HOT’s debut date and Hee-woo’s birthday are the same. Hee-woo and his older sister Hee-yul, with the chemistry of a mixed idol group, jumped up and down when the song came on, announcing the birth of the Heung siblings, who had unsealed their dancing skills.

Special narrator Kang So-ra said at the first appearance of Moon Hee-jun's second son, Hee-woo, "I think it's my younger sister. She's so pretty," and then made everyone laugh by showing surprise when she found out that Hee-woo was a boy. Kang So-ra then looked at Moon Hee-jun and So-yul and laughed, saying, "The way they bicker makes me think they're still newlyweds." Also, Kang So-ra, who is raising two daughters, invited Hee-woo, saying, "Hee-yul, come to my house too. I'll give you lots of snacks," when Hee-woo proudly took care of her younger sister.

Moon Hee-jun also made people laugh by giving advice to Hee-yul, who dreams of becoming an idol, as a senior. Moon Hee-jun gave practical advice to 8-year-old Hee-yul, saying, "To become an idol, you have to be good at English, friendships, and gugudan. When you make a profit, you share the percentage with the company and deduct 3.3% in taxes. If you don't know gugudan, you can't know how much you get paid." On the other hand, when it was time to eat, Heewoo ran towards the food at the speed of light, showing off his true value by not giving his mouth a chance to rest even for a moment. Moreover, Hee-woo's metabolism is so active that he eats, so he gifted Moon Hee-jun poop twice in a row, causing laughter.

Moon Hee-jun, Hee-yul, and Hee-woo went out, and while Moon Hee-jun watched Hee-woo, Hee-yul leisurely enjoyed kickboarding and flying a kite alone. Hee-yul chose a drink alone at a convenience store for Hee-woo and showed a dignified appearance by leisurely completing the errand, saying, "This is what I saved up for New Year's money." In addition, even in situations where the calculation was wrong, Hee-yul showed an admirable performance by going back to the convenience store, explaining the situation step by step, and even receiving a refund. Moon Hee-jun expressed regret about raising two children on his own for the first time, saying, "Hee-yul had to do a lot of things alone while taking care of Hee-woo." Heeyul said, “It’s okay because there’s a camera,” and smiled as he showed his idol side. Not only that, Heeyul said, "Today was a lot of fun. My dad scored 1000 out of 100."

Kim Jun-ho, Eun-woo, and Jeong-woo, a trio, met musical actor Kim Ho-young and upgraded their fashion in order to implement their goal for 2024: 'Upgrade as much as possible.' Kim Ho-young attracted attention from the moment he appeared, wearing a strawberry-patterned outfit from head to toe, saying, "Eunwoo, you got on the plane today." Eun-woo was momentarily shy towards Kim Ho-young, who had a flashy atmosphere, but quickly fell in love with Kim Ho-young's reaction and burst into laughter. Eun-woo handed Kim Ho-young a seaweed bag prepared for him and expressed his affection by saying, “I made it with Eun-woo and my dad,” and showed off his favorite bus toy by saying, “Ta-da,” proving their mutual love.

Kim Ho-young brought out vivid clothes for the three fathers and taught Kim Ho-young's style of styling. Eunwoo, who usually disliked hats, suddenly took a liking to it by saying, "Please wear a hat," and eventually became so self-absorbed by his appearance that he couldn't get out of front of the mirror, which made everyone laugh. The sight of Eunwoo wearing sunglasses and a beret as if she were her own clothes brought an automatic smile. Kim Jun-ho, who had followed the same baduk style path by wearing only black and white T-shirts alternately, also showed off a distinctly different style by challenging Kim Ho-young to wear a multi-colored shirt and jeans.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google