Fabien: “Using Lee Kang-in to make money?”
Fabien: “Using Lee Kang-in to make money?”
French broadcaster Fabien disclosed his YouTube channel profits due to malicious comments.

On the afternoon of the 2nd, Pivain conducted a live broadcast of 'PSG/Lee Kang-in/Confession of Feelings' through his channel 'Faby Saint-Germain'.

On this day, Fabien said, "Today's live will talk about various articles and explain how the 'Fabi Saint-Germain' channel operates because you misunderstood it. Lee Kang-in will also talk."

He continued, "A lot of things happened. I was surprised and my subscribers were probably surprised by the sudden influx of articles. Many people also left comments on my personal SNS and this channel."

He said, "I am a Paris Saint-Germain fan, and even before I came here, I was a fan of Lee Kang-in. After coming here, I started cheering and became more interested." He added, "Somehow, we became connected like this: Paris Saint-Germain = Fabian, Lee Kang-in = Fabian. Lee Kang-in and "After the article about Son Heung-min's fight came out, many people came to me. Among them, there were many negative and nonsensical stories such as 'Go back to your country' and 'Korea is using Lee Kang-in to make money'," he said.

“I actually found it really funny. I’m not Lee Kang-in, I’m just Fabian. I’m a supporter of Lee Kang-in and Paris Saint-Germain, so I was surprised why he cursed at me and said racist things. He supported me a lot, but I really wasn’t hurt at all. “It was just funny. I wasn’t upset or sad at all,” he confessed.

Fabian said, "I think it's fortunate that Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in posted it on SNS and reconciled because they are both talented and smart players." “I couldn’t do it and I spent money,” he said.

Fabian later revealed the profits of his YouTube channel. Fabian said, "Last month, there were 1.32 million views and I earned 2.4 million won. I pay 700,000 to 800,000 won in taxes. The remaining money is about 1.50 won. There are two PDs, so of course I give them money. Edited yesterday. “I deposited the fee and it is well over 2 million won,” he said.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google