JD1 reinterprets TVXQ’s ‘HUG’
JD1 reinterprets TVXQ’s ‘HUG’
Singer Jeong Dong-won (JD1) reinterpreted TVXQ's 'HUG'.

JD1 appeared on KBS2's 'Immortal Songs - 21st Century Legends Part 2, New Performance by TVXQ', which aired on the 2nd.

JD1 said, “We prepared a song called ‘HUG’ today. “It hasn’t been long since I debuted, so I prepared this song with the intention of receiving the energy from my seniors and wanting it to run for a long time,” he said.

Additionally, he went on stage saying, “It’s been about a month since I debuted, but I prepared a cute and refreshing performance with the attitude of a rookie.” JD1 then started the stage while lying on the bed and perfectly performed the song with a lively dance and a sweet voice.

In particular, he brilliantly re-enacted TVXQ's debut song, showing off the refreshing facial expressions of a teenage boy and even the final ending pose.

U-Know Yunho, who watched JD1’s stage, said, “I think HUG is a song that goes well with JD1. All the songs have the energy and freshness that can only be sung by people of that age. “All of JD1’s qualities were included in this song, so it felt like a delicious and precious meal,” he praised.

When JD1 confessed, “It was a little difficult to show cuteness and cute expressions,” Max Changmin said, “It was the same for us. “If JD1 sees this stage as time goes by, he will think that it was such a fresh and pretty time,” he advised.

On this day, JD1, ONF, ZEROBASEONE, La Poem, KARDI, etc. appeared. JD1 tied with Cardi, who recorded 2 wins.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr
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