Heejun Moon reveals his son for the first time
Heejun Moon reveals his son for the first time
Moon Hee-jun's second son, Hee-woo, who looks exactly like Moon Hee-jun and is 18 months old, will be revealed for the first time through 'The Return of Superman'.

Episode 517 of KBS1's 'The Return of Superman', which will air on the 5th, is the 'High Tension Super Parenting' episode, and So-jin So and actress Kang So-ra will narrate. Among them, Moon Hee-jun and Jam Jam appear with Hee-yul's much-grown appearance, still playful nature, and upgraded cuteness, capturing attention. In particular, Moon Hee-jun's second son Hee-woo appears for the first time.

On this day, Moon Hee-jun catches people's attention by introducing for the first time his second son, Hee-woo, who has not been revealed until now. Moon Hee-Jun said, "Hee-Woo seems to have been born following my destiny," and revealed his brave side by mentioning that Hee-Woo's birth date and HOT's debut date were the same. Next, Moon Hee-jun's son Hee-woo, who is identical to Moon Hee-jun, appears and presents a surprise. It is said that Hee-woo shows the aura of Moon Hee-jun No. 2 to anyone who sees him with his clear eyes that look exactly like Moon Hee-jun.

Hee-woo and his older sister Hee-yul have a special chemistry reminiscent of a mixed-gender idol group. When Hee-woo hears from his older sister Hee-yul that he will sing a song, Hee-woo picks up a toy microphone and gets excited. As soon as the song starts, Heewoo jumps up and down non-stop, unsealing his dancing skills. Hee-woo, who is only 18 months old, sweeps the living room with a talent that is not inferior to Hee-yul, who is famous for his versatile talent, and exudes an impactful charm from his first appearance.

In addition, Heewoo brings joy with his straight-forward charm of eating food. As soon as his rice is served, Hee-woo rushes toward it at the speed of light, and even before he sits down at the table, he reaches for the bowl. Hee-woo never misses a moment to rest his mouth and opens his mouth like a baby bird to eat it cutely. The sight of Hee-woo automatically brings out a smile. Hee-woo then neatly eats a bowl of rice and even receives snacks, showing off his appearance as a strong man. In addition, Hee-woo's metabolism is as active as he eats, and he presents Moon Hee-jun with endless poop(?), making him burst into laughter.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google