Hong Hyun-hee and Jasson' son shows a lot of appetite
Hong Hyun-hee and Jasson' son shows a lot of appetite
In KBS2's 'The Return of Superman', Junbeom, Soye, and Jaeyul form a trio of look-alikes and enjoy a village vacation.

The 516th episode of 'The Return of Superman' (hereinafter referred to as 'Superman'), which airs at 8:55 pm on the 27th, is the 'World's Shining Superman' episode and features So Yoo-jin and actress Kang So-ra, who became a 'mother of two daughters', giving birth. After six months, he takes on the role of special narration. Among them, Jay-Seon and Jun-Beom, Park Seul-Gi and So-Ye, Bae Yoon-Jeong and Jaeyul come together and enjoy a village vacation that includes everything from animal experiences to a barbecue party.

On this day, Junbeom, Soye, and Jaeyul formed a trio by completing their couple look by wearing matching pants from head to toe. The cute three musketeers Junbeom, Soye, and Jaeyul fall in love with the charm of village vacation while exchanging greetings with various animals, including turkeys, chickens, and goose families. Jun-beom exudes cuteness with his greedy appetite, even eating carrots, which are food for rabbits. Jun-beom, who recently fell in love with carrots, went on a shooting spree to prevent the carrots in his hands from being taken away by the rabbit. It is said that Jun-beom carefully held the carrot with both hands as if it were a very precious treasure.

The three musketeers Junbeom, Soye, and Jaeyul head to a sledding hill filled with pure white snow. Recently, Jun-beom is going through the 're-approach period', which is called the period when a child approaches his mother again, and when the sled appears, Jun-beom sticks to him like a gum ticket and does not fall off. But soon, as the sled descends, Jun-beom enjoys the thrill and smiles with satisfaction, showing the bravery of a baby tiger.

Soye and Jaeyul, who are one year older than each other, show off their bickering older-younger chemistry. So-ye and Jae-yul keep each other in check by taking turns shouting, “Don’t copy me,” but they show a friendly side by studying English together. Park Seul-gi smiles happily, saying, “It was heading towards catastrophe, but then a peaceful scene was created.” But that was only for a moment as Jaeyul started the fight, saying, “Don’t follow the elephant.” Soye says, “I will follow you,” and starts a cute war(?), making the viewers laugh.

Seulgi Park expresses her gratitude to J.Writer for being considerate of her, who is pregnant, saying, “He treated me better than my husband.”

Episode 516 of ‘Shudol’ will be broadcast at 8:55 PM on the 27th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google