'Divorce suit' Hwang Jung-eum dreams of brilliant success
'Divorce suit' Hwang Jung-eum dreams of brilliant success
The game of revenge is reset and the ‘resurrection of the seven’ comes.

On the 23rd, SBS' new Friday-Saturday drama 'Resurrection of the Seven' released a script reading scene where the flawless performances of the seven evolved characters further raised expectations. 'Escape of the Seven' ended Season 1 by presenting the essence of a picaresque revenge story (a work in which villains are the main characters) that has never been seen before. The thrill of the genre's pleasure was maximized by the eerie bare faces of the villains who would stop at nothing for their own gain, as well as the unpredictable development beyond imagination and the thrill of a mind-blowing twist. The performances of the actors who gave strong performances here led to favorable reviews.

'Resurrection of the Seven', which returned with Season 2, depicts a reset of revenge and the desperate and powerful cooperation of seven people who were reborn. As it heralds the birth of a new evil community with the help of Matthew Lee (played by Eom Ki-jun), attention is focused on what kind of game Min Do-hyuk (played by Lee Joon), who returned from hell, will play with them.

At the script reading held on this day, the leading actors of the 'Kim Soon-ok Universe', including writer Kim Soon-ok, Um Ki-jun, Hwang Jeong-eum, Lee Jun, Lee Yoo-bi, Shin Eun-kyung, Yoon Jong-hoon, Jo Yoon-hee, Jo Jae-yoon, Yoon Tae-young, and Lee Jung-shin, gathered in one place and showed off their thrilling acting potential. Eom Ki-jun, who returned as Matthew Lee, who became even more triumphant after completely washing his identity, raised the level of immersion with his solid acting skills. The play was led by a three-dimensional portrayal of the madness of Matthew Lee, who designed the game by mocking a world where lies became the truth according to his will. He proved his worth once again by completing a unique character that was only possible because of Eom Ki-jun.

Hwang Jung-eum once again gave off an unrivaled atmosphere as Geum Ra-hee, who dreams of spectacular success. Following Season 1, which perfectly depicted the desire to maintain the success achieved even by killing one's own daughter, Season 2 raised expectations by giving a different aspect to the show. Lee Joon played the role of Min Do-hyuk, an avenger who came back from the dead. Min Do-hyuk's narrative to reveal to the world the identity of Matthew Lee, who framed him, was told in a variety of ways. Above all, in the scene where he confronts Eom Ki-jun, who plays the great evil Matthew Lee, his perfect chemistry creates tension.

Lee Yoo-bi, who dominated the atmosphere with her unique loveliness, gave a passionate performance as Han Mone, the greatest star created by lies. Lee Yu-bi adds her own color to the other side of the character who lives while hiding her desires. I am looking forward to more performances in Season 2. The acting skills of the acting experts, who showed off class-different skills, also shined. Shin Eun-kyung plays the role of Cha Joo-ran, who believes that money is the greatest value in life, and doubles the vitality of the play by revealing endless desires, while Yoon Jong-hoon adds strength to the role of Yang Jin-mo, who still decides to become Matthew Lee's dog in order to gain power and power.

The crazy performances of Jo Yoon-hee, who plays the role of Go Myeong-ji, who chose to live as an undercover couple with Yang Jin-mo because she wants to be the best mother to her children, and Jo Jae-yoon, who showed off his strong personality as Nam Cheol-woo, the leader of the corrupt police officer Gwangsu-dae, continue. Yoon Tae-young raised the tension by showing off his heavy charisma as Kang Ki-tak, a helper who helps Min Do-hyuk take revenge.

The performance of Lee Jung-shin, who entered the Kim Soon-ok universe as a new character, Hwang Chan-seong, is a must-watch point in Season 2. Lee Jung-shin played the role of Hwang Chan-seong, the unusual CEO of Save, the number one company in the portal industry. In the play, Hwang Chan-seong appears to be prickly and difficult, but he is infinitely kind to the woman he loves. Lee Jung-shin added to the appeal by depicting Hwang Chan-sung's mysterious side in three dimensions. We look forward to the performance of Hwang Chan-seong, who is also a key player in making Matthew Lee's plan a success.

The production team of 'Resurrection of the Seven' said, "The story of the seven people who have changed, including Matthew Lee's unstoppable evil deeds that have not ended, the evil people who survived but lost their freedom, and Min Do-hyuk who ran away from evil, is interesting. In the reset edition of revenge, the story becomes even more exciting. “The story will unfold,” he said, “and ‘The Resurrection of the Seven’, newly completed by writer Kim Soon-ok and director Oh Jun-hyuk, will bring catharsis.”

‘Resurrection of the Seven’ will premiere on March 29th.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google