An asset management company that resembles DEX made a great flirtation.
An asset management company that resembles DEX made a great flirtation.
Mnet's mega-couple matching survival show 'Couple Palace' begins the third round of speed dating.

In the 4th episode of Mnet's 'Couple Palace', which airs at 10 pm today (20th), you will be given the opportunity to go on unlimited dates with the person you want out of 50 people. Following 'Speed Train', a large-scale matching show on an unprecedented scale, the third round of 'Speed Dating' begins.

The published preview predicted a last-minute flirting crisis. Participants who have not been able to express their feelings so far are actively appealing to the person they want. Number 28, the hexagonal male asset manager on Dex who ranked first in the popularity vote, flirted with “Please pat me on the back,” while another popular guy, number 35, an athlete-turned-American lawyer, won my heart with a direct ball, saying, “I liked it from the beginning.” The expression draws attention to who will have a crush on pink.

The story of deepening emotions will be revealed in earnest through 'Speed Dating', which allows you to enjoy unlimited 50:50 dates in turns with the person you want. Woman number 12, a former Miss Korea actress, and man number 32, the youngest son of an accounting firm and a tax accountant, cannot hide their feelings for each other while going on a 'speed date'.

Meanwhile, at the end of the last broadcast, a shot of the back of a wedding dress, presumed to be that of woman number 12, was captured, and two men, number 30 and 32, wearing tuxedos were captured. Amid speculation that it may be a wedding spoiler, the narrative surrounding the three people is becoming more curious.

This is not the only narrative of the participants. On this day's broadcast, an unpredictable episode unfolds surrounding man number 44, a demonic tofu dealer. Previously, male number 44, a singer-songwriter and securities man, and female number 24, an office worker in a financial infrastructure group, expressed their excitement by declaring that they would go straight to each other. Female number 24 revealed her true feelings, saying, “I don’t know (male number 44’s) name or age, but it’s amazing that I keep thinking about it.” The two people's feelings remain the same until the 'unlimited date', but a twist comes as the hidden story of man number 44 is revealed.

In the pre-released video, man number 44 asks show host woman number 45, Eun Ye-sol, on a date and reveals that they "almost went on a blind date in the past." Attention is being paid to what kind of change this will bring about in the relationship between the three.

On this day's broadcast, Lee Hae-in (Lim Ji-ji), female number 6 of 'Rolco Deer Girl', a hot topic contestant, gets on the 'Lady's Speed Train' and begins a public courtship. Lee Hae-in, who shook the hearts of the male participants by saying, "I can fulfill your fantasy in the video," received attention by revealing that "you must pass my test" as a condition of her marriage.

You can find out what test Lee Hae-in revealed will be through the 4th broadcast of 'Couple Palace' at 10 pm today (20th).

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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