Profiler Bae Sang-hoon even canceled his lecture to appear on 'I'm Solo'
Profiler Bae Sang-hoon even canceled his lecture to appear on 'I'm Solo'
Bae Sang-hoon, the first Korean professional profiler, tells the story of canceling a lecture to appear in ‘I Am Solo’. Among these, curiosity is aroused as to why he had a funk before filming 'I'm Solo'.

MBC's 'Radio Star', which will be aired on the 21st, will feature a special feature called 'You Are Solo' featuring Bae Sang-hoon, Yang Se-hyung, Lim Woo-il, and Chambo. A 'salty' talk by four old bachelors was announced.

Bae Sang-hoon is working as the first professional profiler in Korea along with Kwon Il-yong. If Kwon Il-yong is the 1st profiler, he is the 1.5th generation. He has been humble in his career since the start of recording, saying, “I am 100% confident that I delegate my actions when it comes to speaking,” and said to ‘wife disstalker’ Kwon Il-yong, “Sell your sister-in-law... that’s it.” no. “You have to sell me!” he said, making people burst into laughter.

Bae Sang-hoon, born in 1969, especially embarrassed Kim Gura by suddenly calling him "brother Gura" and calling him older brother, born in 1970. Kim Gura's bewildered reaction to the reckless calling of Bae Sang-hoon, who is two years older than him by his student number, was called "big brother," brought laughter. Bae Sang-hoon expressed his confidence in his appearance by saying that he was younger than Kim Gura. Kim Gu-ra was even more amazed after checking Bae Sang-hoon's profile photo.

Kim Gu-ra reacted in disbelief to the story of Bae Sang-hoon, a 54-year-old profiler who is half a hundred years old, as a 'lone man' that 'I Live Alone' is eyeing. He lives alone in a three-story house without things that would normally be at home, such as a bed, mirror, or kitchen knife. Bae Sang-hoon's single life, to which Kim Gura said, "It's not normal," raises curiosity.

The unexpected episode that found out that Bae Sang-hoon almost appeared in 'I'm Solo' caught everyone's ears. A solo man and woman in their early 50s who are both professionals decided to film ‘I’m Solo’ on the island. Bae Sang-hoon even canceled a lecture to appear in 'I Am Solo', and was disappointed that filming went wrong when all preparations were set. Kim Gu-ra was surprised to learn that Bae Sang-hoon wanted to appear on ‘I’m Solo’, saying, “I thought he would definitely refuse.” Bae Sang-hoon made people laugh when he appealed that if he were to appear on ‘I’m Solo’, he would be “Jeon Young-soo.”

Everyone's attention was focused on the episode of Bae Sang-hoon, who played an active role as a profiler specializing in serial arson. Bae Sang-hoon said, “The trauma came late,” and from the first incident that still remains in his mind. As a former member of the serial arson team, he revealed the crime characteristics of serial arsonists, such as “(Serial arsonists) have poor social skills,” and “X is found at the scene of the fire.” It was surprising.

Bae Sang-hoon's willingness to appear on 'I'm Solo' and his activities as a profiler can be confirmed on 'Radio Star', which will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 21st.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google