Jo Young-nam, part 2 of the 'absurd language controversy'
Jo Young-nam, part 2 of the 'absurd language controversy'
Cho Young-nam's famous song is reborn on a spectacular, high-quality stage in KBS2's 'Immortal Songs'.

The 645th episode of 'Immortal Songs', which will be broadcast on the 17th, will feature 'Artist Cho Young-nam's episode'. In the second part of the broadcast, following the first part, Jo Young-nam is shaking up the audience with his even more powerful fastball and outrageous remarks. In particular, Jo Young-nam drew attention by asking, "Are you a child of Shin Seung-tae's family?" upon seeing Shin Seung-tae's stage where the harp appeared.

Here, rather than appreciating the stage, he tells his own story one after another. MC Shin Dong-yeop, who couldn't bear it any longer, said, "Please tell me about Shin Seung-tae's performance," causing the audience to burst into laughter. Cho Young-nam and Shin Dong-yeop, who are second to none in terms of speaking skills, are expected to have a special chemistry to watch.

In this second part, in which Choi Jeong-won & Jeong Seon-ah, Mongni, Kim Ki-tae, Seodo Band, and Shin Seung-tae appear, Jo Young-nam fully enjoys the juniors' stage, which is more spectacular and more complete than the first part. They said they were so happy that they jumped up on Choi Jeong-won & Jeong Seon-ah's stage, shaking their bodies and letting out exclamations.

Cho Young-nam selected ‘Peony and Camellia’ for his special second stage performance and communicated with the audience. Introducing this song, he said, "I was afraid that if I died, I would sing 'Hwagae Market' and say, 'Come and see the sights,' so I made it to ask you to 'play it after I die.' I will sing 'Peony and Camellia' as a New Year's gift." It is said that he completed a warm and emotional stage by saying,

Cho Young-nam is considered the originator of crossover artists who pioneered his own genre by combining popular music and vocal music. They created a sensation by presenting music with popular elements and vocal skills. They have various hit songs such as ‘Delilah’, ‘Hwagae Market’, ‘Peony Camellia’, ‘I Can’t Live Without Love’, and ‘You and I’.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google