An actress from a family with assets worth 5 billion won and the youngest son of an accounting firm chose each other.
An actress from a family with assets worth 5 billion won and the youngest son of an accounting firm chose each other.
Mnet's mega-couple matching show 'Couple Palace' brought even more excitement with the reveal of the identity of the female cast members.

In episode 3 of Mnet's 'Couple Palace', which aired on the 13th, the large-scale matching show 'Speed Train' continued, and this time the identity of the female cast members was revealed. 'Speed Train' is conducted by pressing the 'pick' button on the person you like once the marriage conditions, specifications, and appearance are revealed.

On this day's broadcast, 'Korea's most released emoticon writer', 'K-League cheerleader', 'special makeup expert professor', 'best work-life balance content novelist', 'content planner from a family with assets worth 5 billion won', and 'composer with a parenting plan' , 'Beautiful voice actress who withdrew from marriage', 'cellist who graduated from a prestigious German university', and 'announcer of the meeting free pass award' were introduced and captured the hearts of men.

The whereabouts of the couple who had a pink streak from their 1:1 date aroused curiosity. Man number 32, ‘the youngest son of an accounting firm, a tax accountant’, immediately pressed the ‘pick’ button when woman number 12, whom he had shown interest in from the first meeting, appeared. The identity of female number 12 was Lee Hwa-ran, a former Miss Korea actress from a family with assets worth 5 billion won, and the two created excitement as a straight couple. Male No. 44 (singer-songwriter financial man) and Female No. 24 (office worker at the Just Financial Infrastructure Group), who became a hot topic with the meeting of the head merchant and the Arab merchant, also raised the excitement index by confirming their unwavering affection for each other even after their identities were revealed. .

The main character who received many 'pick' buttons among men was a creator who became a best-selling author with an annual salary of about 200 million won. 16 men started flirting with number 28, a beautiful woman with white skin and a smile that resembled Suzy, sending hearts. After pushing and pushing with man number 20, woman number 28 said briefly and boldly, “Come out.” Man number 20, a ‘patent attorney who graduated from K University’s pharmacy school,’ gave off a victorious vibe and made people burst into laughter.

The secret of number 45, which aroused curiosity last week, was also revealed. Female number 45, Eun Ye-sol, a 'news anchor turned show host' with assets of approximately 500 million won, confessed that she was single and appealed her sincerity for marriage, receiving a total of 6 votes. Number 28, the hexagonal male asset manager on DEX who was the most popular man among women, also expressed interest in woman number 45, and the two went on a 1:1 date. Number 28 moved Number 45’s heart by saying, “I don’t think singles are a factor at this stage.”

Lee Hae-in (Lim Ji-ji), the 'Lolco Deer Girl', introduced herself by saying, "If you live with me, I can fulfill your fantasy in the video," and received an enthusiastic response from the male contestants.

Mnet's 'Couple Palace', a 100-person couple matching survival show that is raising the excitement level by announcing the beginning of a full-scale flirting war, airs every Tuesday at 10 p.m.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google