A wife who claimed her husband was having an affair turned out to have fabricated it herself.
A wife who claimed her husband was having an affair turned out to have fabricated it herself.
Channel A's life-friendly detective true story drama 'Detectives' Trade Secrets' finds new victims of a historic marriage fraudster reminiscent of the 'Second Qing Dynasty' and secures additional clues, getting one step closer to the identity of the fraudster. .

'Detectives' Trade Secrets', which aired on the 12th, opened with 'Detective 24 Hours', a daily corner of the serious detectives with the Busan Seagull Detectives.

In response to a request to find his biological mother, who had separated from him 50 years ago, the detectives had a hard time because they had no clues, but after confirming that the person presumed to be his biological mother was living on an island, they went to the island themselves. After keen investigation, Detective Lee Seong-woo met in person with the person presumed to be the biological mother. However, when I was told that my daughter, who was born 50 years ago, was looking for her mother, the only reply I received was “I never did that.” Although the result was disappointing, Defconn expressed his ambition due to Detective Seong-Woo Lee's extraordinary investigative ability, saying, "I want to open a detective agency without that person." The sight of the detectives paying close attention to the ‘search for people’ request and not missing even the smallest clues created a unique sense of immersion.

Then, the tracking of the unprecedented marriage fraud case, which aroused the indignation of the three MCs as well as viewers, began again in earnest. After continued tracking, the Seagull Detectives contacted Mr. K, an acquaintance of the client who had met with the conman. He claimed that he became acquainted with the fraudster by chance a year ago, and that he was merely a victim of the fraudster's use and was not an accomplice. However, Mr. K had lent his name to the fraudster in various ways, from bank accounts to mobile phones to apartments. Attorney Nam Seong-tae explained, “Currently, the financial damage is between 500 million won and 5 billion won, but this is not a simple criminal law, but a law on the aggravated punishment of specific economic crimes, so even if you participate, you can be sentenced to prison.” All activities such as lending or selling are illegal. “You should never do this as you may be subject to criminal punishment,” he said.

With Mr. K's cooperation, the Seagull Detectives were able to secure everything from his account details to several months' worth of call records of a fraudster using a mobile phone in Mr. K's name. After tracking it down, it was discovered that there were eight victims who had suffered financial damage through the same method. Among these, the first client and new victims A and B gathered together. Victim A had the fraudster's passport and USB, and victim B had a photo copy of the fraudster's ID. The Seagull Detectives stuck out their tongues, saying, “The scale has grown like the second Jeoncheongjo fraud case.”

Meanwhile, all the victims were in a situation where the money they had borrowed through loan broker Mr. P through simultaneous loans and high-interest loans was ripped off by fraudsters. 'Simultaneous lending' is an illegal practice of making multiple loans with the same collateral at the same time, and the damage was even greater as the scammer encouraged several women to do this. The Seagull Detectives announced that they would continue to track the scammer in Seoul based on clues given by the victims and the scammer's real name, age, and Seoul address confirmed by a photocopy of the scammer's ID card. MC Yoo In-na said, “The outlines of the fraudster are starting to emerge. “I have hope that I can catch it,” he said, full of anticipation.

In the shocking true story drama 'Case Note', which reconstructed an actual incident, the story of the husband's affair requested by the 'Doctor's Wife' was covered. The client who suspected that her husband, an obstetrician and gynecologist, was having an affair with a nurse was a pharmacist who ran a pharmacy on the first floor of the same building. But one day, while the detective was investigating her husband's affair, an unexpected situation occurred. The husband who was the subject of the investigation came to the detective agency and asked for an investigation into his wife, saying, “My wife is asking for a divorce, and I don’t know why.” It was the first time in my detective career that I received a two-way request. However, the detective refused the husband's request for moral reasons and focused only on 'whether the husband was having an affair', which the wife had requested first. After several days of intensive investigation, the detective reported to the client that “the husband was not having an affair.”

However, the client got angry and said, “I don’t believe you guys,” and left. A while later, the client's husband came back to the detective agency and said, "My wife accused me of having an affair and asked for a divorce. He requested an investigation into his wife, saying, “The alimony is 500 million won, and he wants to split the property in half and tell me to raise the child.” The detective who investigated my wife eventually confirmed her ugly bare face. In fact, the wife, who was having an affair, even planned her husband's affair by using sleeping pills to get a divorce. Even after all the facts were revealed, the wife showed a shameless attitude, saying, “If we had divorced quickly, this wouldn’t have happened.” Defconn expressed his anger, saying, “If it weren’t for the broadcast, I would have really cursed.”

The two eventually divorced, but their bad relationship did not end. When the money ran out, the adulterous man left his wife, and the wife came to her husband and said, “I am a victim too. It happened. “Let’s do this without divorce,” he prayed on his knees. However, the wife faced a bitter ending, losing everything including her husband, son, and the pharmacy she was running. Kim Poong said, “Creators fall into agony when they see things like this. He was confused, saying, “I don’t think what I’m writing will be more interesting than that… but the reality is worse.” The corner ended with Defcon's final plea, "Don't cheat."

'Detectives' Trade Secrets', a true-life detective drama, airs every Monday at 9:30 pm on Channel A.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google