Song Ji-hyo, big son
Song Ji-hyo, big son
Song Ji-hyo makes Lunar New Year food.

In SBS' 'Running Man', which airs on the 11th, Song Ji-hyo, the 'big-handed Song Jang-geum', is depicted taking on the challenge of making Lunar New Year food.

On this day, the broadcast featured a special feature called 'Family that Returned the Favor', where Ji Seok-jin served Lunar New Year food to Hong Jin-ho and Jonathan, who filled in the gap during his short break. Song Ji-hyo, who created a lot of buzz with 'Attack of Raw Chicken' and was reborn as the secondary character Song Jang-geum, is once again establishing herself as a big-time chef.

In a recent recording, real cooking begins under the leadership of Song Ji-hyo. However, the members who were watching were bombarded with affectionate meddling and nagging, saying, “Let Se-chan do it,” “There’s too much oil,” and “Did you put too much salt?” Rumor has it that the cooking scene became a mess with six boatmen working together.

In addition, Hong Jin-ho and Jonathan, who were being served food, could not hide their embarrassment, saying, "It's a mess, it's a mess," and "Please don't fight," causing an earthquake in their pupils. Even in the midst of chaos, Song Ji-hyo steadfastly presents Song Jang-geum's one-way dish, stimulating curiosity. Indeed, attention is being paid to whether the members will be able to safely serve Lunar New Year food.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google