Cho Young-nam, who has been divorced twice, recommended divorce to Shin Dong-yup.
Cho Young-nam, who has been divorced twice, recommended divorce to Shin Dong-yup.
KBS's 'Immortal Song' Jo Young-nam makes an explosive statement to Shin Dong-yeop, saying, "You should try divorce," causing a stir in the hall.

Episode 644 of ‘Immortal Songs’, which will be aired today (10th), will feature ‘Artist Cho Young-nam’s episode’.

While sharing the story behind his hit song ‘I Can’t Live Without Love,’ Jo Young-nam said, “People say this song doesn’t suit me. “I’ve been divorced twice,” he laments. He then says, “Every time I sing this song, I think, ‘I went too far with love.’” and “I don’t deserve to sing this song.”

In response, MC Shin Dong-yeop offers words of consolation, saying that meeting and parting do not go as planned. However, Jo Young-nam said, “Try divorce. “Don’t you feel this way?” he said, causing a stir in the room. Cho Young-nam is surprised to hear that Shin Dong-yeop has been married for 17 years, saying, “I lived until 13 years.” Shin Dong-yup responded to Cho Young-nam's explosive remarks by saying, "Whenever I have a hard time, I will keep in mind my senior's words and live a happy and blessed life thinking, 'I will never get divorced.'", drawing applause.

In addition, Cho Young-nam delivers thrilling pleasure with his unique ‘quickly speaking’ style of speaking while conveying the behind-the-scenes details of his famous songs. He boasts of his outspokenness, telling a junior he calls his 'teacher', "I never taught you," and "call me brother."

The lineup for this ‘Artist Cho Young-nam edition’ includes Choi Jeong-won & Jeong Seon-ah, Jeong Dong-ha, Mongni, Young-ki, DK, Kim Ki-tae, Seodo Band, Shin Seung-tae La Poem, and Hi-Key. It is reported that the special number of people for the competition stage alone is close to 100. For families gathered in one place during the Lunar New Year holiday, a pleasant and highly complete stage that can be enjoyed by all ages will be presented.

Cho Young-nam is considered the originator of crossover artists who pioneered his own genre by combining popular music and vocal music. They created a sensation by presenting music with popular elements and vocal skills. He has various hit songs such as ‘Delilah’, ‘Hwagae Market’, ‘Peony Camellia’, ‘I Can’t Live Without Love’, and ‘You and I’.

This ‘Artist Jo Young-nam’ episode was organized into two parts, starting today (10th) and continuing until the 17th. ‘Immortal Songs’ airs every Saturday at 6:05 PM on KBS 2TV.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google