Hyori Lee "Lee So-ra and Shin Dong-yup reunite after 23 years, it's my favorite"
Hyori Lee "Lee So-ra and Shin Dong-yup reunite after 23 years, it's my favorite"
Singer Lee Hyori visits ‘Supermarket Sora’.

Singer Lee Hyori will appear as a guest on 'Supermarket Sora', which will be released on the 7th through the YouTube channel 'Mary & Sigma'. Lee Hyo-ri, who appeared in a natural look without any flashy makeup, said, "It's been a long time since I came to Seoul with my husband, and I chose to spend time with my husband between going to the store and having a nice meal with him," while revealing her still love for her husband Lee Sang-soon. We generously reveal our daily lives with .

Hyori Lee also mentions the first broadcast of 'Supermarket Sora', which featured the reunion of Lee So-ra and Shin Dong-yeop after 23 years. He said, "I saw an article saying that Dong-yeop was appearing on this program, and I think he was my favorite person in Korea. I've been waiting so long for that program," showing that he is a program fan.

The story of Lee So-ra and Lee Hyo-ri's first meeting is also revealed. The two, who did not have much contact at the time, will tell the story of how they became best friends after encountering each other at the late Choi Jin-sil's house 15 years ago.

Hyori Lee, who currently lives between Jeju Island and Seoul and is balancing a peaceful daily life with entertainment activities, also talks about the wounds and times of healing she had to experience while working in the entertainment industry. Hyori Lee confesses, "I felt that I was not as strong a person as I thought, and that I was not the type of person who could easily overlook every single thing." She tells an honest story that runs counter to her existing bright and cheerful image.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google