Chuu “If I eat Tanghulu, I will die early.”
Chuu “If I eat Tanghulu, I will die early.”
MBC's new entertainment pilot 'What to Eat Lab' announces research results that shocked even 'palm oil leader' Jeon Hyun-moo.

'What to Eat Lab', which will be aired for the first time at 9 pm on February 7th, is a new concept hexagonal gourmet talk show in which 'taste-savvy' experts in various fields from science to humanities research questions about food from various angles.

According to the preview released last week, the first research topic of 'What to Eat Lab' is Tanghulu, a popular snack that has taken Korea by storm. Researchers announce shocking research results, from the beginning of the Tanghulu trend to the reasons for the craze and controversy. In particular, Jeon Hyun-moo is excited about the fact that as many as 1,300 Tanghulu stores were opened last year alone. In addition, shocking truths about Tanghulu are revealed, raising questions about what it might be.

'Science Bird (Science + Parrot)' Orbit attracts attention as it is said to have made unexpected remarks about Tanghulu, which has been summoned to a government audit and is receiving concern. Orbit surprised everyone by supporting Tanghulu, citing the scientific reason that "Tanghulu's sugar content is less than 'this'." What is the basis for his defense that “Tanghulu is unfair” raises expectations for the live broadcast.

'What to Eat Lab' vividly captures everything about Tanghulu through a meeting with Korea's first Tanghulu ASMR YouTuber and a survey of Tanghulu by students at 26 elementary schools.

Chuu, who joined MZ as a representative researcher on this day, appeared on a YouTube content in the past and declared that he was 'anti-Tanghulu', saying, "If you eat Tanghulu, you will die early." However, for 'some reason', he withdrew his criticism and confessed, "After that, I ordered and ate 9 pieces of Tanghulu," making people laugh.

On this day's broadcast, the results of the Tanghulu analysis conducted by 'Masjal Al' experts from various angles will be revealed. In the 'Weekend Menu Recommendation' corner, special recommended foods are also revealed for those who are wondering what to eat during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday. All of this can be confirmed through the first broadcast of MBC's 'What to Eat Lab' tomorrow night at 9 PM.

MBC's new pilot 'What to Eat Lab' is a full-fledged food talk show in which Jeon Hyun-moo, who wants to properly research food, participated in the program planning. Starting with MC Jeon Hyun-moo, Seoul National University professor Moon Jeong-hoon, science communicator Orbit, writer Park Sang-young, and chef Lee Won-il will appear. It is scheduled to come at 9pm on February 7th and 14th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google